Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

 Ten Six on Tuesday Wednesday

It just seemed wrong not to post about Armistice Day on the actual day, but I may also be running out of things to write about for NaBloPoMo, so I don't want to waste a topic when it's handed to me. Because I'm the boss of my blog, I'm using the Ten on Tuesday topic for Wednesday - 10 Collections You Have Had Over the Years. I'm not really a collecting kind of person, so let's see...
1. Steiff stuffed animals - Some of these are mine from childhood and some of them were my mother's, but I think they qualify as a collection.

2. Can plants be a collection? - I think so, and there are quite a few more.

3. Silverware (let's be fancy and call it flatware) - The set on the right I inherited as an instant collection; the set on the left I got a little carried away on ebay collecting pieces.

4. Yarn - I tend to think of my stash as "a resource for knitting" but if I'm honest, I have far more than I will ever knit, so I'm really just collecting some of it.

5. Stained glass - I didn't set out to collect these, but have ended up with three pieces. They're tough to take pictures of, so this collection really does look much better in real life.

6. Rocks - These aren't anything special in a geological way, but they are special to me. We've brought "good rocks" back from family vacations for 20 years or more. The best small ones are in baskets and some of the larger ones have been moved outside as part of the garden landscaping.

My current favorite is this sparkly one I found in Fort Collins this summer.

That's all I can come up with, since I'm sure dust does not qualify as a collector's item!


  1. yay you for Six on Wednesday (catchy title, maybe it'll catch on?!) Your plants are amazing...and SO green! I'd love to know your flatware patterns. Pretty dishes, glasses and flatware make setting the table so much fun!

  2. Oh, Bonny. You have some GREAT collections! (Those plants! That flatware!) Thanks for sharing -- whatever day it is!

  3. Those rocks! ;-) (It's 4 degrees at the home of the big green rock right now.) And oh, to have your green thumb!

  4. I have rocks and sea shells from vacations! Loved seeing your collections and learning a bit more about you :)

  5. You plants are so healthy! Stained glass is beautiful and I know they're hard to photograph. I've tried to get pictures of the one above my front door that a friend made for us, to no avail. You've collected and inherited many fun and beautiful things!


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