Thursday, November 20, 2014


One thing I didn't think I'd be writing about in mid-November is the garden, but the survivors deserve to be celebrated. We cleaned up most of the garden about two weeks ago, but the snow peas and Napa cabbage looked so good we couldn't bring ourselves to yank them out.

The snow peas are still producing peas and even more blossoms through wind, snow, frost, and frigid temperatures. We haven't even covered them, so while I don't completely understand their fortitude, they are still hanging on. I've picked enough peas for two meals and frozen five packs since they weathered the first frost, and I'm picking more for dinner tonight as soon as I put the camera down.

The Napa cabbages are still growing, but since they've withstood the same cabbage-killing weather as the peas, I'll also be cutting them today so their courage and durability will not have been in vain.

Here's to the delicious survivors!


  1. Nothing is growing here at this point. Brrrrr, it's cold out there!

  2. I've got some rosemary that is still green so I've got to grab it soon. That's it though. I kept the Brussels sprouts in but nothing really came of them. Any tips on success there?

  3. We had lettuce and spinach until 2 weeks ago. We were amazed. Your peas look wonderful. Enjoy!!

  4. fresh produce in November ... awesome! those peas especially look delicious!

  5. We have snow peas out in the garden that I need to check on. Just before this big arctic blast hit, I covered their hoop house with multiple layers of protection. Today we are above freezing, so I will go take a peek and see if any are still living. Somehow I feel that -19 degrees was probably too much for them!


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