Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Thankfulness Edition

Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is, of course, 10 Things You Are Thankful For. I'm blessed, lucky, and grateful that I have so very many things on my list.

1.   My Family - A wonderful husband, two terrific sons, a loving and accepting extended family - I couldn't ask for a more wonderful bunch of people.

2.   A (recently replaced) roof over my head and a comfortable home - I am grateful that we were able to find a great roofer and afford to completely replace the roofs on our house and barn. Now I smile when it's raining instead of worrying.

3.   Enough money for a comfortable life - This one is huge and I'm thankful every day.

4.   The ability to read - I'm thankful that Mrs. Neusch taught me to read in first grade, that my mother always supported my reading habit by not telling me to go outside and play too often when I was immersed in a book, that I have access to some great libraries, and that I can find out almost anything I'm curious about by reading.

5.   The ability to knit - I'm thankful that my grandmother taught me how to knit, my mother reinforced it and helped me when I got stuck, that I can buy yarn even when I don't need it, and I can show people how much I care by knitting for them.

6.   Health - Overall I'm in good health, and so is my family. We've had some years where this hasn't been the case, so we try to take care of ourselves and I don't take good health for granted.

7.   Access to health care - We have health insurance, and while it has a fairly high deductible, we can afford it and it is insurance. I hope we never meet the deductible because that would mean someone is quite ill, but it's comforting knowing that insurance and access to health care is there if we need it.

8.   Four seasons -  I've lived in Florida where there is just "hot and sweltering season" and "a tiny bit cooler than torrid season" so I'm happy to live some place that has four distinct seasons, each one with its own beauty.

9.   Learning from mistakes - I've made my share of mistakes, both big and small. I'm glad that I'm really learning to see my mistakes as learning opportunities instead of embarrassing failures.

10.  Our upcoming last undergraduate tuition payment - This one is a big, big, BIG deal! I'm grateful that it's the last one, but I'm also very thankful that we were able to make those payments.

I'm thankful for everyone that takes the time to read my ramblings. Thank you!


  1. This is a lovely post and I learned a bit more about you, too.

  2. wahoo!!! nothing like paying the last bill for education. I too want to learn from my mistakes and move forward. It's hard when you are a perfectionist.

  3. I love four seasons myself. After being in a tropical climate for a few days I was craving a bit of cold weather!

  4. Aren't we lucky to be able to be thankful for such wonderful things!

  5. Oh, those tuition payments! Smokey worked a lot of overtime to pay for Elder Son's degree.

  6. What a full & happy list of thanksgiving that you have!

  7. What a great list. I am with you all the way on the four seasons!! (Though a mid-winter break to a warmer climate is most welcome.)

  8. You have a great list and, like most of us, have many good reasons to count your blessings. Thank you for your ramblings. I've enjoyed getting to know more about you.

  9. oh boy, that #10 is a BIG one! congratulations! I am most grateful for all of your ramblings ... it's been a real pleasure having a post to read every day for the past 25! Happy Thanksgiving, Bonny!


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