Friday, February 28, 2014

Hey, look what I found!

Last weekend when our temperatures had temporarily warmed up a bit, I decided to dig out the flowerbed where most of my snowdrops are, in hopes of exposing them to some warmth and sunshine. Of course I didn't see anything gloriously blooming under the snow, but look what I found this morning! They may be some of the most pitiful snowdrops I've ever seen, since they got frozen and crispy in our below zero temperatures last night, but they are still snowdrops!

I'm going to enjoy them while I can because they are doomed to be buried again under 8-12" of snow and ice this weekend.

The crocuses are still buried under 18" of snow by the brown fence that you can sort of see through the frost on the window. Hopefully I'll see them before Memorial Day!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Am...

This week's Ten on Tuesday has an interesting twist; instead of a single topic, it's a writing prompt to complete ten sentences that all start with "I am". I am afraid my list may focus intensely on weather, but that's because I am intensely focused on the weather.

1. I am sore and achy from three hours of shoveling yesterday after our latest ten inch snowfall. I haven't yet decided whether I want 4.5 Snickers or 15.6 glasses of wine.

2. I am taking plenty of ibuprofen so I guess that makes Snickers a better choice than wine.

3. I am also using plenty of Traumeel and BenGay. Luckily, I quite like the smell of wintergreen.

4. I am dreading our next storm, starting in a mere eight hours or so. Yesterday's was lots of heavy, wet snow, which is still hanging on trees and power lines. Tonight's event features snow, ice, sleet, and freezing rain, which means we will most likely lose power.

5. I am preparing for the loss of power, since the last time we had a storm like this we were without power for ten days.

6. I am charging my phone and Kindle, getting food and water together, placing flashlights (with working batteries!) throughout the house, and getting my storm knitting prepared.

7. I am really wishing my husband wasn't traveling since that means I need to do the snowblowing and shoveling all by myself.

8. I am determined to get the driveway and sidewalk cleaned off the best I can in preparation for the next next storm on Sunday; predictions so far are for 12+ inches of snow.

9. I am also really wishing that I had something more fun to focus on than the extreme weather that never seems to end.

10. I am inhaling the intoxicating scent of my hyacinths to try and think about something (anything!) besides the weather!