Friday, February 28, 2014

Hey, look what I found!

Last weekend when our temperatures had temporarily warmed up a bit, I decided to dig out the flowerbed where most of my snowdrops are, in hopes of exposing them to some warmth and sunshine. Of course I didn't see anything gloriously blooming under the snow, but look what I found this morning! They may be some of the most pitiful snowdrops I've ever seen, since they got frozen and crispy in our below zero temperatures last night, but they are still snowdrops!

I'm going to enjoy them while I can because they are doomed to be buried again under 8-12" of snow and ice this weekend.

The crocuses are still buried under 18" of snow by the brown fence that you can sort of see through the frost on the window. Hopefully I'll see them before Memorial Day!



  1. The are hope incarnate! Snow drops are my favorite flower. They are so ethereal. I may have missed mine this year. Thank you for sharing them! Sending sunny thoughts your way.

  2. I have yet to see the ground. We still have snow on our property and more is to arrive yet again! love your springlike flowers :)


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