Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Weekending on a Tuesday

It was a pretty good weekend here, mainly because it was three days long.

We had some torrential downpours on Thursday and Friday, which created some alarming leaks, so during the few hours of sun we had on Saturday, John headed up on the roof to check things out.

He caulked and hammered and hopefully fixed things. No leaks so far, but we haven't had any big thunderstorms to fully test the repairs. He's not fond of climbing all the way up on the highest roof level, but I like my part of roof repair much better.

My job is to sit nearby, knit, drink tea, act as general gofer, and be ready to call 911 in case of any mishaps, and I think I did it
exceedingly well.

We were also lucky to have a visit from Justin. He was often out with friends or sleeping (because he was out very late with friends) but it is always wonderful to see him and it gives me a warm feeling even to look out in the morning and see his truck parked in his parking spot.

Dodging raindrops and trying not to slip in the mud puddles, we planted the last few things in the garden. I'm wishing for some sun after all the rain we've had, but it looks like there is only one day of sunshine predicted in the next week. Better than none!

The rainy weekend was perfect for lots of reading, so I finished two books for Book Bingo and started another one. I wasn't sure about the cover art on this one, and Justin (as a guy who works with deer every day) pointed out the problems with Bambi's father's antlers, but the text is surprisingly good so far. Felix Salten wrote a better story than Disney could ever portray in a movie and I often think of my doe while I'm reading.

I'm taking a short break for some things that I need to do, but also some very good things that I want to do. Hope to see you back here some time next week!

Friday, May 26, 2017

She's Still Here

My doe is still visiting, making herself at home, and I'm glad of it. It feels like we're bonding after a week together!

She's gotten closer, and has won my gratitude by cleaning up the seed that the squirrels knock out of the feeder in their endless attempts to eat from the (allegedly squirrel-proof) feeder.

She seemed to be wherever I was, close by, but still keeping her distance. I was cautiously working near her previous hiding spot, rehabilitating and replanting my mint bed, but didn't spy the fawn at all. That's a good thing. I've resisted the urge to actively look for where she's hiding her fawn as I don't want to expose it, nor scare my doe away.

John has wondered if I'll be inviting my doe into the garden for a snack by the end of the weekend, but probably not. I've arranged a deer buffet for her, set with all the birdseed, hostas, roses, lilies, and impatiens she can eat and she's always welcome.

I hope your (hopefully) long weekend is filled with some good things to eat, some welcome company, and plenty of time to enjoy and appreciate all of it.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Bigger is Better?

The Think Write Thursday topic for today is to write about the contents of your purse. Are you a minimalist? Or do you carry around a knapsack? And say, what’s in there, anyway? Tell us what you’ve got in your purse and why!

I've read quite a few posts from people who carry minimal things in their well-organized purses, so it seems like we need at least one from a knapsack-carrier. That's me. I started using this leather knapsack about 16 years ago. It was my mother's and she used it when she traveled. I claimed it because I happened to be going on a trip, and somehow it just ended up being my daily purse.

The front pocket usually holds my phone (but I'm using it to take these photos), and pens, but I also found a spare Poudre River Public Library card and fortune cookie fortunes. ("The happiest circumstances are close to home.")

Inside, I've got my wallet, the blue "drug bag" (with ibuprofen, Excedrin, decongestant, Imodium, band aids, etc.), tissues, my Rhodia notebook and fountain pen, an old Decemberists ticket, emergency Grey Goose, spare keys and all my library and loyalty cards, my turtle pouch for carrying my ipod, and a large purple comb. But wait, there's more!

If I go anywhere except to the grocery store or local errands, I've also got my Kindle and knitting stuffed inside.

It all fits, but it is heavy and hard to find things. Too often I'm that lady digging through her purse looking for something. I'm wondering if a Baggalini bag and some Walker bags might help me be that organized, put-together person I'd like to be. Maybe ... (but change is hard!)

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Unraveled Wednesday

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday.

Since my current knitting projects look much the same as last week with only the addition of a few rows, I took a photo of them in two of my favorite project bags. The green quilted one was a Christmas gift from Justin several years ago, and it is just perfect. It lives next to me on my knitting chair and I rarely take it anywhere as I don't want to risk all the things that could happen to it in a germy hospital waiting room. The deer bag is my go-to for when I'm carrying my knitting with me.

There isn't much to take a photo of in reading either, as only one of my current four reads is a real book, Moments of Seeing. The Verdict is on my Kindle, and Before Green Gables and Moon Over Soho are on my ipod. All of these are for Book Bingo, and I have been busy planning, placing holds and downloading books from Overdrive, along with submitting hold requests at my local libraries to locate as many of my planned books as possible. As soon as I'm done here, I'm treating myself with a walk to our local used book store. It's a pleasure to browse real books, with the possibility of finding some treasures, maybe even a book for my "An author from the state where you live" square. How Not to Be Wrong snuck into the pile because it's a great book, and I'm considering it for my "Re-read" square.

Don't forget, Mary's Summer Book Bingo officially begins this Saturday! Books you finish from Saturday, May 27 through Monday, September 4 count. It is perfectly okay to start reading now, so join in the fun!

What are you knitting and reading this week?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Oh, Deer!

Last week when I was mowing, I was very surprised to look over in my neighbor's lawn and see a doe, about five feet away and in the middle of the day. We have lots of deer around, but they usually visit stealthily to eat my hostas, roses, or whatever else they can find during the nighttime hours.

I was even more surprised after I shut off the mower and she let me get closer.

On Sunday evening I glanced out and saw the same doe, bedded right next to our garden. I figured she was probably thinking about how delicious those tender pea sprouts would taste, but this was still a bit unusual for a deer to be hanging around so close and so visible for several days.

John thought that maybe she had a fawn and had hidden it nearby. That sounded quite possible, so I kept my eyes open yesterday when I was strolling around the garden. I had just checked for blossoms on the honeysuckle when I looked over our back fence and spied it.

I quickly walked away as I didn't want to draw any attention to the sweet little fawn. There are several dogs, curious children, and even a coyote in our neighborhood, so while I was happy to have seen the fawn, I hope that nothing else disturbs it in its hiding places.

Monday, May 22, 2017


This weekend I:

  • Was pleasantly surprised by an early delivery. I dropped and broke my favorite mug earlier in the week, and after recovering from my initial dismay, I tried to glue the pieces back together. I wasn't very successful, and decided I wouldn't trust my sloppily repaired handle anyway, so I ordered a replacement. The estimated delivery time was two weeks, but it came in four days. My morning tea is much better now that I can again share it with my two favorite sons.

  • Caught up with Endeavour. There are three seasons of this PBS Masterpiece show on Amazon Prime, and I think it may be the best thing I've watched since The Crown. It's a prequel to Inspector Morse, showing how he started as a Detective Constable. I love the music, cinematography, the characters, and their economy of speech. Endeavour Morse is cerebral, deliberate, and thoughtful, and his mentor, Fred Thursday (played by the wonderful Roger Allam from the funny and clever BBC radio show Cabin Pressure) is wise and insightful.

  • Celebrated my first rose of the season,

Along with a lovely rose bud.

  • Enjoyed an orchid cactus blossom while sitting on the porch, and the promise of more to come from lots of buds.

  • Reminded myself that I should be more patient, now that plenty of blue (and white) columbines have shown up among all the red ones.

I hope your weekend was also a good one and your week is off to a great start!

Friday, May 19, 2017

What I Wore

While looking for photos to go with yesterday's Think Write Thursday post, I was struck by how few photos I had of myself growing up. My sister may have the stash of family pictures, but then I started to look through all the family slides I scanned a few years ago. Bingo! Some of these are awful, some adorable, but all of them are a tribute to my grandmother and her sewing skills.

She sewed corduroy overalls for me,

Clown pajamas,

and a Chinese jacket.

She always made nightgowns for my sister and me,

and matching jumpers and blouses. (I'm not sure why my poor sister is headless or why we couldn't stand together.)

This Easter outfit was one of my absolute favorites,

And I accessorized it beautifully with a white rabbit hat and muff.

I wanted to wear the Halloween outfit my grandmother lovingly made for me every single day. I had asked for a Glinda the Good Witch costume and was thrilled with the results.

This dress matches the mouth full of licorice from my grandmother's wonderful candy jar.

A closeup of the capes she sewed for Easter would show them off much better, but I can still remember the gold and white trim around the neck and the special gold buttons we picked out together. 

I wish I still had some of these outfits, especially the yellow pinafore dress and Glinda costume, but I wish I had expressed my thanks, love, and appreciation for all of these even more. Here's to what I wore and the special and wonderful woman who made them for me.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Think Write Thursday

The Think Write Thursday topic for today is what piece of advice would you give to five year old you? Sixteen year old you? Twenty-one year old you? Right now?

Dear Five-Year-Old Bonny,

You are adorable and sweet and happy. Don't ever change.

Dear Sixteen-Year-Old Bonny,

It seems that you may have grown out of your sweet, adorable, and happy phase. While your parents may not be thrilled, it's a good thing that you're learning to both think for yourself, and stand up for yourself and your beliefs. Keep it up. The other piece of advice I can offer is to slow down. The speeding tickets you will be receiving are going to take a huge sum out of your meager savings. You may stand a chance of being around at 21 if you don't drive like the proverbial bat out of hell. Don't be in such a rush while driving or growing up.
P.S. Also, don't sew any more dresses from wild polyester knit fabric for home ec. projects. 

Dear Twenty-One-Year Old Bonny,

I'm so glad you listened to my advice, slowed down and began to drive safely. My next piece of advice is to be patient. Not everything comes quickly or easily; in fact, very few things do. Time will diminish the pain of a broken heart and the disappointment of a C in organic chemistry. Make mistakes, learn from them, and do better next time. 

Dear Right Now Bonny,

You haven't done too badly so far, but here are my next bits of advice. Try to let go of so many expectations. Things are not always going to turn out the way that you thought and hoped, and you're ruining you chances of enjoying the outcome. Also, there’s so much you don’t know, but stay curious and keep learning. Never, ever stop learning. Lastly, don’t put off being happy. You were happy at five, less so at 16 and 21, but you're beginning to come around. Keep it up. 
Sage advice, now all I have to do is listen and put it into practice!
What is your best piece of advice?

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