Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Right Now - May 2017

Knitting - Surprisingly, socks! I haven't worked on socks for ages, but there is something about these little footie socks that is irresistible. Maybe it's because they are about as instantaneously gratifying as knitting can be. The second sock is almost done and the next pair is all planned.

Reading - Moments of Seeing, and for something completely different, Midnight Riot

Looking Forward To - Summer Book Bingo! Mary has done a ton of work on categories and organizing, and I've even begun to think about possible books for many of those great categories. 

Watching - A Man Called Ove and Me Before You. Ordinarily I avoid movies made from novels, but both of these were quite true to the books (which I loved), and were even more poignant for me seeing the story unfold on the screen. The Doors and Manchester By The Sea are on my watchlist for later this month. May is a good month for Amazon Prime video!

Drinking - Since we've been having weird weather swings between 60° and 90°, I've been alternating between hot and iced tea. I'm not sure I would call it 'Simply Indulgent", but this Spice Cake tea is good both hot and iced.

Wondering - Why people cheat. I know it's usually because they feel there is something to gain, but after a two hour phone call with Ryan about his students' cheating on exams, I wonder if people would be so quick to cheat if they could see the far-reaching effects their actions will bring about for themselves and others. As a graduate student instructor, Ryan truly cares about helping his students learn and understand mathematics, and it makes me very sad that he has to spend so much of his time trying to stay one step ahead of the cheating (and it is getting very sophisticated), that he is losing any trust he feels in human nature, and that he is feeling despondent over whether he is teaching anything to any of his students. When my grandfather would find my cousins arguing over who had cheated at Monopoly, he would say, "If you're going to cheat, cheat fair." I know it's naive, but I wish more people would do that. 

Grateful For - Justin having found a permanent, full-time job with benefits that is close enough he can come home for a quick overnight visit!!!  No more internships!! (You can tell I'm happy and proud if I use multiple exclamation points.)

Avoiding -  Replacing the kitchen faucet. The current one leaks and changing washers hasn't solved the problem. I am not a plumber no matter how simple Delta tells me this process is. I'm hoping that John will have time to do it this week, especially if I promise to watch and learn so I can do it myself next time.

Enjoying - My columbines. I'm inordinately proud of these because I grew them from seed I bought after I saw them everywhere in Colorado (Columbine is their state flower). They are two years old and just beginning to bloom for the first time. So far, they all seem to be red, but I think I'll fill in some holes with blue and purple ones later this spring.

Ready For - Planting tomatoes and other seedlings in the garden. It's rained, poured, and rained some more, so the garden is a muddy mess, but I've got my fingers crossed for planting this weekend. 

What's going on in your world right now?


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to Justing (and to y'all) - full-time employment is a huge milestone and even better when it's close enough to allow visits that don't involve airplanes!! multiple exclamation points for everyone!!!! your columbines are beautiful - I remember them being blue, but they're stunning in red, too. (ugh about Ryan and the cheating. remember those scenes in The Nix? I find it easier to think about plagiarizing English papers than Math ... I really don't get it.)

  2. That's really good news for Justin - I hope he will have all the success he deserves!

    I thought A Man Called Ove was well done as a movie also. I decided it was because an American studio didn't get their hands on it.

    I think I may have to try columbines - they are lovely, and I think they are good for this area.

  3. Most EXCELLENT news about Justin and his new job!!!! Congratulations all around!!!! (That kind of news needs EXTRA exclamation points!!!!) I don't get the cheating thing either (although Mary brings up the situation in The Nix, and that is probably representative of a lot of the "whys". . . ). I think the level of technology available to us all now just makes it that much easier to cheat. (It was a lot harder when we only had old school tools.) Oh, for a world where integrity was valued. . . And the columbines are divine! I find they spread around my garden in a delightful way. I just love well-behaved and welcome "volunteers." XO

  4. Your columbines are beautiful! I used to grow them when I lived in NY state, I have had no luck with them in IL. Right now, I am packing for a vacation on a "history train". I will travel with a group on fully restored 1950s train cars to San Antonio & New Orleans...like a cruise on rails! I'll be just like Miss Marple with my knitting!

  5. Your columbines are beautiful! We have a couple and they are true favorites. And cheating...I just got worked up again thinking about that girl in The Nix! And CONGRATULATIONS to Justin!!!! Best. News. Ever. xo

  6. Columbine! One of my favorites. Congrats to Justin!! Boo to the cheaters... of all kinds! They really drag it/us all down.

  7. Yes, my world is full of "stuff" - I'd like to tone it down but spring is typically busy. Especially today, a warm day among unusual cool nights this week. (I wonder what I s up with that? I do believe in climate change.)
    Knitting or going to try a new KAL, "Sloper" by Karen Templer. She lives in TN and I love her supplies and feelings on Fringe Association. Otherwise, socks as usual.
    Reading "Us" by D. Nichols, been in my book stash for ages.
    Drink hot tea, see above climate report.
    Avoiding poison ivy.
    Watching my homemade chicken stock, and a teriyaki sauce for tofu bake, both on the stove.
    Grateful for my clothesline.
    Ready for planting more seeds, I should be out there RIGHT now!

    1. Wow, you do have a lot going on! Avoiding poison ivy is always a good thing, and I'm also grateful for my clothesline. Today's very windy, but that's good for drying towels. Happy knitting, reading, and planting!

  8. At least Justin's good news helps to offset Ryan's difficulties, right? Cheating is a terrible thing and it hurts so many people. Love your columbine! And as far as the kitchen faucet goes - we just replaced ours, too, and we hired someone to do it because Dale just didn't feel confident about it. It cost $60 and was worth every penny!

  9. I need to queue up Ove! And, apparently cheating is the new black... because I am certain that the numbskull in the white house lives by cheating (and isn't cheating a form of a lie in essence? I know he does that anytime he opens his mouth! lol)

    Anyway, tell Ryan that there will always be those who want to take the "easiest path". However, on the opposite side, there are those who genuinely want to learn and those are the students that appreciate a good teacher. Be that teacher for everyone. :)

  10. my husband is a prof and cheating has happened more than once. the copy paste on a research paper really gets him! So glad that J is near home and has a job with benefits, I bet that makes you worry a little less right???

  11. Ryan's situation is disheartening, but he can be assured for every cheating student there is one that he helps step into a better future. Such good news for Justin!! Columbines come in such a huge variety of color, but most of what I see in the wild are pure white (or yellow). Smith changed our kitchen faucet, and it's a huge job, but it can be done "in house". Good luck!!


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