Thursday, May 25, 2017

Bigger is Better?

The Think Write Thursday topic for today is to write about the contents of your purse. Are you a minimalist? Or do you carry around a knapsack? And say, what’s in there, anyway? Tell us what you’ve got in your purse and why!

I've read quite a few posts from people who carry minimal things in their well-organized purses, so it seems like we need at least one from a knapsack-carrier. That's me. I started using this leather knapsack about 16 years ago. It was my mother's and she used it when she traveled. I claimed it because I happened to be going on a trip, and somehow it just ended up being my daily purse.

The front pocket usually holds my phone (but I'm using it to take these photos), and pens, but I also found a spare Poudre River Public Library card and fortune cookie fortunes. ("The happiest circumstances are close to home.")

Inside, I've got my wallet, the blue "drug bag" (with ibuprofen, Excedrin, decongestant, Imodium, band aids, etc.), tissues, my Rhodia notebook and fountain pen, an old Decemberists ticket, emergency Grey Goose, spare keys and all my library and loyalty cards, my turtle pouch for carrying my ipod, and a large purple comb. But wait, there's more!

If I go anywhere except to the grocery store or local errands, I've also got my Kindle and knitting stuffed inside.

It all fits, but it is heavy and hard to find things. Too often I'm that lady digging through her purse looking for something. I'm wondering if a Baggalini bag and some Walker bags might help me be that organized, put-together person I'd like to be. Maybe ... (but change is hard!)

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  1. my main requirement for a purse is - it has to be able to hold a hardback or paperback - easily... and leave room for other stuff.. I keep wanting to replace the purse I have now - but it is set up so well, with compartments for everything I carry! so I will just hang onto it until I can find another one that does the same - that could take a long time - ha!

    Linda in VA

  2. I knew I was forgetting something... emergency Grey Goose!

    1. I used to carry an emergency corkscrew, but after TSA confiscated two of them, I switched to a small TSA-friendly bottle of Grey Goose. I've been happily surprised by how many times it's come in handy!

  3. Yay! Someone who carries as much as I do (but you're more organized! I LOVE the emergency Grey Goose! That's the best idea I've seen in a long time. Walker bags are really nice for keeping things organized and I also love (and carry) Baggalini bags (yes, multiple user, am I).

  4. Okay, I just have to say it. I absolutely LOVE that you carry emergency Grey Goose. I'm sort of ashamed of myself that I don't do the same.

  5. Emergency Grey Goose. So much love. (And who needs to be organized when you've got an awesome pack like that!!!)

  6. Emergency Grey Goose! This might be the best bag on the entire interwebs! Now, if only there were emergency olive packaging!!

  7. I carry knitting and a book if I am anywhere but the grocery store. The moment I do not have them , then I am waiting forever and ever. Thankfully my phone can entertain me in those situations but it's kind of wasted time...

  8. I love that leather backpack and all the stories it could tell ;-) (also curious about ... and completely on board with ... that emergency Grey Goose!)

  9. Emergency Grey Goose. That is terrific!!

    I'd probably carry a bag similar to that if weight wasn't an issue. Comfort/pain dictate what I carry around these days. My current bag is small, but has a very narrow strap, so I've ordered a couple of Baggellini bags to try for vacation. It was a very timely topic, as I'd begun to seriously think about it! Ordered yesterday, shipped by day's end. Just sayin'. ;)

  10. I'm late to this party...but emergency Grey Goose!!! Best bag ever. And so awesome that it was your Mom's bag. xo


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