Monday, May 15, 2017

Range of Emotions

I have been getting tired of my normal Monday posts that are really just a list of what I did over the weekend (and I suspect many of you would rather read something more interesting). While I haven't yet come up with anything new and exciting, I did recall some of my feelings while looking at the photos I took on Saturday and Sunday.

Excitement at finding yellow and blue columbines among all my red ones.

Relief that we got the tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts seedlings planted in the garden,
even if they don't look like much now.

Dismay that the deluge on Saturday would drown the poor things. It did not, but the peas and tomatoes are currently in a bit of a swamp.

Contentment while baking more zucchini bread.

Anticipation that Justin might make it home on Sunday for an overnight visit.
A bit of sadness that things didn't work out, especially because today is his birthday.
Willpower when I packed the six dozen chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles I had baked for Justin into bags and containers to freeze for when he is next home.

Much happiness, joy, and extraordinary pride that I am lucky enough to have such a wonderful 24-year-old son!


  1. So sorry Justin didn't make it home Bonny. And wow! Did he find that antler? It is HUGE. Speaking of huge, your garden is mighty large - what fun! Won't be long before the bounty comes in.

  2. That's too bad about the visit from Justin and wow that is quite a shed! Your garden looks beautiful and so full of potential!

  3. What a find! And Happy Birthday to Justin...I'm sure he was sorry he missed seeing you too!

  4. That is quite a range of emotions! Happy birthday to Justin. I hope he'll be home for a visit very soon. Because cookies in the freezer? That's never stopped me. (Just sayin.)

  5. Happy Birthday Justin! your columbines are so pretty and I'm glad to see you got your garden planted. Hope Justin gets home soon - not sure those cookies would last long in my house - even frozen!!

  6. Happy Birthday to Justin and I'm so sorry he couldn't make it home. Your garden looks organized and healthy. Sadly, we're looking at frost tonight and tomorrow night and we could loose it all!

  7. Happy Birthday, Justin!! And, your garden is inspiring!

  8. he is looking so mature and I must say he is quite a happy guy!! I love how you wrapped up the weekend with emotions. Mine were all over the place.


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