Friday, May 26, 2017

She's Still Here

My doe is still visiting, making herself at home, and I'm glad of it. It feels like we're bonding after a week together!

She's gotten closer, and has won my gratitude by cleaning up the seed that the squirrels knock out of the feeder in their endless attempts to eat from the (allegedly squirrel-proof) feeder.

She seemed to be wherever I was, close by, but still keeping her distance. I was cautiously working near her previous hiding spot, rehabilitating and replanting my mint bed, but didn't spy the fawn at all. That's a good thing. I've resisted the urge to actively look for where she's hiding her fawn as I don't want to expose it, nor scare my doe away.

John has wondered if I'll be inviting my doe into the garden for a snack by the end of the weekend, but probably not. I've arranged a deer buffet for her, set with all the birdseed, hostas, roses, lilies, and impatiens she can eat and she's always welcome.

I hope your (hopefully) long weekend is filled with some good things to eat, some welcome company, and plenty of time to enjoy and appreciate all of it.


  1. I think it's wonderful that you got all of these photos. I'm glad she feels safe around your yard - I'm sure your buffet is keeping her and her fawn well nourished!

  2. What an awesome mom! And, I am glad she has the company of another awesome mom! Seems like she picked the perfect yard for her nursery!

  3. I plant a "salad bar" for my deer, too. (Anything to keep them out of my fenced back garden. . .) I actually love sharing my yard with wild critters. (Although skunks? Not so much.) Have a wonderful weekend, Bonny! XO

  4. She sure is pretty. So nice that you are providing such a sumptuous buffet for her and her baby. Life is good!! Enjoy the long weekend.

  5. She's a lucky doe! She must feel so safe in your yard. She's a pretty little thing too. Enjoy the weekend Bonny...doing all the things we love to do! Cheers! xo

  6. Amazing photos, what a wonderful opportunity, hope you have a lovely weekend, after all the rain we've had, we've finally had a week of sun and looks like it will be here for the weekend too.

    1. It feels almost like she's following me around since she seems to turn up wherever I am working outdoors. I'll miss her when her fawn gets strong enough in another week or so and they move on. But I'm sure they'll be back to eat!

  7. Wow, she seems so tame - and aren't you good to provide such a varied and tasty buffet for her! Wishing you a wonderful long weekend, my friend!

  8. you are a deer whisperer! Beautiful shots and you must be quite good at getting those candid moments.

  9. Your giving them a good start on life. You will surely miss them when the fawn is big enough to walk around. Hope you're able to catch a few pictures of the mom and babe together!


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