Thursday, November 13, 2014


Much of my day last Saturday was spent with my BBF. He helped me accomplish this.

We have three large maple trees and two gigantic oaks. I appreciate the shade they provide in the summer, but there is a price to be paid in the fall. Raking used to be a big family event, but since two family members no longer live here, and the other one was traveling this weekend, the carpet of leaves became my job. 

BBF is Behemoth Best Friend, and he truly is that for this job. He's very heavy and quite noisy but using him saves me quite a bit of time over raking. 

So thank you, BBF, for all your help. I think we'll be spending a few more days together before you get to rest for the winter.


  1. so glad you had BBF to help - that pile of leaves looks way too massive for one woman and a rake!

  2. Good old BBF! So glad he's around to help with all that . . . bio-mass!

  3. Raking leaves is no fun. Power tools, though? They are fun!

  4. He's amazing! The ground crew in our condo have a smaller one and your BBF puts it to shame!

  5. ha! We do not have that machine but my husband mows all the leaves towards the wood's edge.


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