Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday Snippets

Saturdays are for small bits and pieces that I love, and today the snippets are from another picture book. This time it's The Caboose Who Got Loose by Bill Peet, a story about Katy Caboose who ends up lodged in a spruce tree after an accidental uncoupling and derailing. This might not sound like much of a plot to an adult, but to a three-year-old train lover, it was a favorite.

Except for the ending. Bill Peet has Katy staying high up in the trees, as free as the breeze. This greatly upset Oldest Son, who was adamant that Katy belonged on the train tracks. One day he insisted on having the book read at nap time, but was reduced to tears that Katy hadn't been found and was going to be stuck in the trees forever. He begged me to change the ending, so once he fell asleep I got out a pencil and did just that.

With apologies to Bill Peet, both Oldest Son and I were glad that 
"At last she was back on the tracks, quick as you please."


  1. I love your modifications to the story - much better!

  2. Kids make you do the funniest things, but wonderful memories are shared in the forever better story!

  3. your ending makes me happy! I hope you share more children's books over the coming weeks. I'm loving this series!

  4. That is just the best. Your boys are lucky ducks!

  5. Love it! (From here in Kalamazoo!!!)

  6. We had several Bill Peet's books, too. Favorite was Shady Glade, an ecology story about how developers were going to destroy a shady glad. Good lessons for the young'uns.


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