Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saturday Snippets

Saturdays are for small bits and pieces that I love. Today the snippets are from a picture book. My sons are in their twenties and certainly not interested in having me read to them, but I've been thinking about picture books ever since Mary posted about reading to Charlie. I loved reading to my kids; it was a wonderful way to end the day with all of us snuggled together, enjoying the closeness and some great books. I miss the snuggly closeness, but I also miss the books, so I had to look through some of my packed-away favorites.
Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell is a book that we all loved. It's easy to read with a pleasant rhythm; there were with plenty of opportunities for the kids to yell, "Quack!", and I love anything illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. 

 Even 20 years later, we still occasionally ask each other, "How goes the work?" That's a picture book with staying power!


  1. Oh I miss the snuggle too! Quack! :-)

  2. Kids books are so full of wisdom and wonder! Thank you for snaring one of your favorites!

  3. I have such wonderful memories of reading to my kids every night -- a ritual we all loved. I kept The Favorites on a shelf in our library, and every once in a while, when one or the other is at home, I'll find them sitting there . . . reading their old favorites. And smiling.

  4. Charlie loves "Quack"! Katie can get him to laugh out loud when she makes that sound. I'm saving your list of recommendations...and this book is going in my next order!

  5. I loved reading to our boys, too. So did Smokey. Elder Son's favorite as a toddler was a coffee table book history of Northwest Airlines -- planes! cars! buses! -- and a few years later The Bishop and The Minor Canon (strange choice, but he is definitely his own person). Younger Son's favorite as a toddler was P.D. Eastman's Go, Dog, Go! Later is was the Harry Potter series. Elder is still a voracious reader (six sets of bookshelves in his 800 sq ft house) and Younger reads as long as he can do it on his Nook.


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