Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday Snippets - The Here and Now Edition

Saturdays are for small bits and pieces, and here are the small pieces going on here and now.

Bemoaning - The fact that I confused my deodorant and Icy Hot stick this morning. This was not a good idea.

Hoping - That I learn from my mistake and never do that again.

Eating - Thanksgiving leftovers, of course. These are some of my favorite foods - turkey sandwiches, cranberry orange relish, homemade crescent rolls, and fried stuffing. That last one may possibly be a bit unhealthy, but I only eat it once a year, so that's my justification.

Reading - A Spool of Blue Thread. All I really want to do is read and knit, but work, Thanksgiving, laundry, etc. keep getting in my way. I'd like to say I'll be done soon, but some Christmas planning needs to happen before I can just sit and read.

Knitting - Still working on Happy Times with Ryan.  Projects don't get done very quickly if you fall asleep while knitting.

Dreading - Christmas planning. This mainly means shopping. I have a bunch of gifts that I've already gotten, but I need to evaluate what I actually have and what I still need to get. My biggest problem is coming up with ideas.

Counting 1.0 - The days until Youngest Son is home for Christmas break - 14!

Counting 2.0 - The days until Oldest Son is home for Christmas - 21!

Hoping - That both sons will want to play some board games with me. I love Yahtzee, Scrabble, Monopoly, St. Petersburg, and even Cards Against Humanity, but my husband refuses to play. I think this is due to some traumatic childhood tantrums and tears as his brothers and sisters feel the same way.

Trying -  This French Onion soup recipe.

Drinking - Bitter Elder. St. Germain is also good in chamomile tea, but this may contribute to the falling asleep, noted in knitting above.

Listening - To Yo-Yo Ma, "Attaboy" from The Goat Rodeo Sessions.

Enjoying - Writing the penultimate post of NaBloPoMo!

What bits and pieces are happening in your life?


  1. Starting Christmas decorating, Cooking a turkey today since we had Thanksgiving at our friend's house, hardly reading or knitting at all because of those two things!

  2. Interesting cocktail you've got there. And so sorry to hear about that mix up! And the best news is counting those days! (Sadly no game players here either. I love Yahtzee!) finishing Rebecca this morning. :-)

  3. I love games, but not many people in my life like to play. I put up a few lights today and that's all there will be to our holiday decorations. Your day sound busy, and I'm so sorry for your little error.

  4. Your deodorant/icy hot experience reminds me of the time I grabbed Cajun seasoning for my oatmeal instead of cinnamon. It was an... interesting bowl of oatmeal.

  5. yay for counting!! (Sara leaves this afternoon and then it's 24 until she's back) and for leftovers and St Germain cocktails. not so much for the mix-up, or the hoilday stress (hope it's short-lived).


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