Monday, November 10, 2014

I Want Candy!

My husband recently had some meetings with a German company and surprisingly, they brought candy and gave it away in handfuls! First, I think this is an awesome way to do business (even though their business has nothing to do with candy), and second, I'm grateful that I got to benefit from their largesse. They brought some German chocolate (and apologized that it wasn't quite as good as Swiss) that I haven't tried yet, but I do like the cheery snowmen.

They also brought Raffaello, and these may be my downfall. I tried one the other day and now I'm desperately trying to practice some self-control. Who could resist this lyrical description?
Tasting Raffaello means diving into a unique recipe, where a whole almond is plunged into a delicious creamy filling and enclosed in a crispy shell, covered in flakes of coconut. Raffaello, the only pleasure that transports you to a carefree world.

I can buy them from Amazon, but I really don't want to feed a possible addiction. Now, I need to go enjoy the only pleasure that transports me to a carefree world!


  1. I love the snowmen on the Ritter sport bars!

  2. Europeans do candy like nobody else! just enough different to be special (but no so crazy as the asian treats that don't even seem like treats to me!) I smiled, well ok, I laughed out loud!, that you'd already investigated domestic purchase options!

  3. This sounds like a very slippery slope. Why practice self control when you love it so much? Enjoy!!

  4. I agree with candy during business, makes for a happy tummy! I can eat two or three pieces and walk away. Now if that was a bag of chips....oh I have trouble stopping.

  5. An old co worker of mine was from Germany and would bring us back bags of chocolate. It was so good!


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