Thursday, February 28, 2019

Three on Thursday

Joining Carole and friends for Three on Thursday, today with three random things. I didn't return to the NO Extra Anything place this week, but will do it in the near future and see if I can find out more of the story.

This first one is a couple of weeks old, but it still makes me cringe, so of course I want to share it with you. These are Valentine's Day flowers I saw at the grocery store, but I wouldn't personally call this an upgrade.

It's just my personal preference, but I don't like glitter sprayed on poinsettias at Christmas, nor do I like roses heavily encrusted with glitter and odd white dust for Valentine's Day. I wonder if they sold many of these?

This second one is a bit weird, but I've never noticed this before. I was leaving Walmart, happened to look up at a flock of seagulls, and wondered about these clear "whiskers". They are on the upper edges of the yellow asterisk and all the white letters.

But then I noticed the probable reason for the whiskers ...

... to keep seagulls from roosting. Nobody wants to see Walmart * covered in seagull poop!

The last one is not weird, just interesting and nice. Justin visited a winery and brought me a present.

Sixty percent dandelion, 30% orange, and 10% raisin is definitely an escape from the normal! It's delicious, so much so that I had to have two glasses and keep myself from finishing the bottle.

Head on over to Carole's for more Three on Thursday, and possibly an escape from the normal!


  1. I am not a fan of glitter on ANYTHING. It gets everywhere and you can never get rid of it. And it's a major pollutant! I feel bad for those plants.

  2. that is a mixed bag! I'm glad you ended on the happy note :-)

  3. We have those spikes on our windows at work - it is in fact to keep birds from roosting there and building up a nice layer of poop.

    The more you know. :-)

  4. I am with you in thinking those roses are a downgrade! What the heck?? And, that wine... how interesting! Where on Justin find that? I will have to keep my eyes open for that around here!

  5. That wine sounds DEEEEEElicious!!!

    In Florida we saw those metal "whiskers" a lot.

  6. Oh yuck to the flowers (I wouldn't even call them flowers at this point). I've never seen the whiskers but they sure do make sense. And that wine! Your have a very sweet son Bonny.

  7. Glitter on ANYTHING makes me cringe. I put any glittered card I get directly into the trash can. Glittered roses! I feel SO BAD for the rose! Whiskers keep the pigeons off in our neck of the woods. Oh my, I would love to try a glass of your wine, but I'm not sure you'd share. :)

  8. I'm OK with a little glitter if used in good taste and with extreme restraint -- sometimes it adds just the right bit of bling & sparkle. This is NOT any of the above. Yuck. So ugly.

    Haha. Who knew Walmart had whiskers?? (Now we do! Thanks, Bonny.)

    Whoa. Interesting vino!

  9. I do like a little bling now and then -- but NEVER ON FLOWERS!!! Those glitter-encrusted roses are an abomination. That wine sounds interesting - and tasty. Apparently my grandfather made dandelion wine regularly. Family lore says it was better than his peach wine. I wouldn't know, as I never was allowed to sample either. . .

  10. The wine sounds delicious but those roses! Why would anyone do that?? Although I'm not into glitter, I can see maybe glittering just the very edge of the petals for a hint of bling but... Good Lord! Those roses are awful!

  11. Those flowers are truly cringe-worthy. I saw some much like them in my grocery. Just think about all that stuff shedding all over the place - yuk. The wine sounds so good! And yes, no poop on the signs, please, to drop all over the customers - ha ha!

  12. glitter gets everywhere! Love the label on the wine :)

  13. Im with you on the glitter..its is just a mess

    1. It seems nobody here likes glitter, at least not on their flowers!


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