Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ready, Set, Start

The vernal equinox marked the first day of spring a week ago, but for me spring really begins when I start seeds for the garden.
 I tried to pick thirty minutes today when it wasn't pouring to get those seeds planted.

I gathered all my stuff, filled the cups with seed starting mix, and watered them well. Then I started planting. If you look closely below,
you can see little blue Brussels sprouts seeds in the cups on the left and tiny green tomato seeds in the cups on the right.

Next, I used my special seed-pushing tool (obtainable from almost any Chinese restaurant) to push the seeds into the seed starting mix,

and misted them all well to make sure the surface and seeds would be moistened. Even though it was raining lightly, 
it seemed that me, my phone, and the seed packets were the only things getting wet.

I covered the pots with plastic wrap because nobody has yet gifted me with a greenhouse and I want the seeds
 to stay warm and moist in order to germinate.

Finally, I placed the trays under fluorescent lights on my seed-starting shelves in the basement, and gently urged the seeds to get going,

This is actually one of my favorite parts of gardening, and with any luck, I'll see some tiny plants emerging in the next 4 - 14 days!


  1. "seed-starting shelves" ... Bonny, you know how to make me smile! (as if 2-1/2 dozen cups of dirt and seeds weren't enough ;-)

  2. Ahhhh. It must feel so good to be playing around with potting soil! Grow, little seeds! Grow! :-)

  3. now I know you are a true gardener. I don't do seed starting. every time I water my tree (forgot the name) I think of you and hate it a little less....

  4. Oh it is indeed spring. Your planting brings back memories when I lived "up north", WI and MI. Down here in TN I can start planting directly into the soil for some things. The last frost has gone (cross your fingers).
    March seems to be coming in like a lion, and exiting like one too!

    1. I'm envious of your ability to plant in the soil in March! You know what it's like here in the north; our last frost date isn't until May 15th and I always want to gamble and put tomatoes out earlier. Sometimes I lose!

  5. My husband started some herb seeds last month, and I know he has some heirloom tomato seeds he's hoping to start soon. I have never ever had luck starting seeds, so I leave it to him. I am the one who buys already started things and plants them. :-)

    BTW, I love brussels sprouts - I hope yours "take"!

  6. I'll be starting some of my seeds this weekend and I think the weather is fine to go ahead and start some like mesclun mix & peas outside. I've never grown Brussels Sprouts, I hope you enjoy yours!

  7. You're off to a fine start! Smith has been misting his starts and giving me a daily report. Tomatoes are peeking through the soil, but the peppers are not cooperating and may need replanting. It's a process!

  8. It's such a hopeful process! We don't start our veggies from seeds as we just buy the plants but I love that you do it this way.


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