Thursday, March 23, 2017

Think Write Thursday - The View From Here

The Think Write Thursday topic for today is to look out a window you don't normally look out of and tell us what you see.

This is one of the windows in Ryan's room. I rarely go in his room since he moved to Colorado; I've turned the radiator off and keep the door closed in our ongoing efforts to save on heating costs in this drafty old house. 

The first things I notice are that the brown blinds really clash with the bright blue walls, but Ryan insisted on both of them when I painted his room about 12 years ago. I made the valances and I can also see that they really need to be washed. 

This is what the view used to look like after Ryan saw A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe as John Nash writing proofs on his windows at Princeton. He said it helped him to better see solutions. Alas, the illumination hasn't worked so well for me. 

When I open the blinds, I can see that this really is a nice view. There is the roof I occasionally climb out on to clean the gutters and my neighbor's lovely brick house. 

I wonder what happened to the shutters on my neighbor's second story windows? They are probably in his garage and he'll get them out in a few weeks to paint them. I also notice that they even have curtains in their attic window! 

My favorite part of the view from this window is our old oak tree. I usually have a much lower viewpoint when I'm on the patio enjoying its shade or filling the bird feeder, but I appreciate this second story view to get a better look at its massive branches, gnarls, knots, and lichens. There have been times when having this huge tree so close to the house has been a concern (during Hurricane Sandy), but I've always viewed it as more of a guardian than a threat. 

Thanks to Carole and Kat for helping me take a look at some things I pass right by and for providing me with a fresh perspective!


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  1. Great views, thanks for sharing and explaining them to us.

  2. Love your views! (And especially the equations.) You'll have to get up there regularly as spring unfolds -- because it will be fun to see how that oak tree comes to life from that view. XO

  3. Fun post! I love the way you think of your Oak as a guardian. I've never climbed out on a roof to clean gutters, but growing up I used to climb out my bedroom window onto the garage roof to sit and read. Your neighbor having curtains in their attic window reminds me that my aunt used to keep curtains on her attic windows too.

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed the view from Ryan's window...especially the notes written thereon and your comment....

  5. So thankful to have windows.
    Love your tree!

  6. I love that tree! And, I hope your neighbor is careful when replacing those shutters! (As I hope you are too when cleaning those gutters!)

  7. That tree is wonderful, but the writing on the window panes grabs me. Next time Ryan visits, promise me you'll ask him to put up some new proofs! (that reminds me that I was delighted to read that a Georgia Tech Mathematics PhD student did the blackboard writing for the Hidden Figures movie ... it's real!)

  8. oh that tree has some stories! Gorgeous! I love the kid's rooms views and how you have their stuff still there as they had it. My two children still have their remnants as well :)

  9. Ryan's room reminds me of my bedroom in the first house we moved to in SLC (1961). I had a roof to climb out on and a big tree to protect me from the sun. Like Kym said, this window would be a great place to watch the oak tree come to life!


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