Monday, March 13, 2017


This weekend I simmered the last of our frozen garden tomatoes to make homemade sauce,

Made a big pan of baked ziti with the sauce,

And wondered what happened to the previous false promise of spring with our recent snow,
 freezing temperatures, 9 degree wind chills, and the threat of a Nor'easter with more snow on Tuesday.

 I did venture outside to take a photo of the daffodils before they get buried. If it looks like the storm
 is real instead of frantic weather hype, maybe I'll cut them to brighten my kitchen windowsill in a vase.

I had my day brightened when I noticed the heart that formed spontaneously in my tea when I added cream.

I headed to the library, excited to pick up my holds on the first two seasons of Homeland on DVD. When I got there,
 it seems that they had somehow misplaced my Homeland DVDs, so I settled for two very old seasons of ER. 

I did watch this incredible BBC video many, many times. I'm still laughing.

Here's hoping your weekend included plenty of loveliness, warmth, and laughter!


  1. Sounds like a good weekend! It was bitter cold and windy though. Our daffodils are budded, but no blooms yet...I hope they will be ok.

  2. That stinks about Homeland, I hope they put you at the top of the list to compensate for that mistake. I'd definitely pick those daffodils if I were you. Ours are still shoots so no worries there for us. But yeah, I think we're in the 18+ inches of snow group for tomorrow. Sigh.

  3. We have one daffodil blooming, and the others just about to - I apologized to them this morning, because I'm sure that the storm will mean the end of them.

    Oh I have watched that video so many times! And I love how the mom tries to "sneak" in and get the kids - she might as well have walked in and out of the room. :-)

  4. brace yourself we are going to get a doozy of a storm! Our son left on Saturday and our daughter arrived on Sunday. All of my carefully made plans are up in the air!

  5. Your ziti looks delicious! We are all ready for the snow tomorrow. Bring it on!

  6. Oh my goodness, ER!! Those look very well-worn. ;) I was late tuning in to that show, so I might borrow those one day too. That BBC video -- and not only the video, some of the "analysis" -- TOO GOOD!! I hope that storm blows away...

  7. Big storm coming! (Eyeroll) If it was February I'd be thrilled, now not so much. That BBC video is just great. (Check out Casey Affleck Dunkin Donuts if you haven't seen it...classic Boston.) Enjoy the ziti and ER!

  8. Your ziti looks favorite dish! We only have one more bag of sauce to use and I'm going to follow your lead. We all need more laughter in our lives!

  9. those icicles look ... menacing - thank you for the beautiful daffodils (I hope you did cut them and bring them inside) and the yummy sauce photos (I wish I could smell it, too!) ... and UGH about the HL dvd's - I was hoping you'd be caught up to watch the end of this season real time ... but after last night, maybe it will be better to take a little time and plan to watch slowly ... over the summer! (yep, thanks to DST, I watched it when it aired :-) p.s. how's Justin?

  10. That Baked Ziti looks so delicious - and enough for the duration!! Stay safe and warm! Oh... and that wife wins that video! She ROCKED it! LOL


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