Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Well ... Crap

I've used the "well ... crap" tag for posts about doing taxes and being trapped in a waiting room with Fox News and Trump supporters,
but it seemed appropriate again today because it's what I muttered when I looked out the window this morning.

We have about eight inches of snow so far, and it's still coming down hard.

The noise that you hear is sleet driven by the wind. 

I did cut the daffodils yesterday so there is something lovely to look at besides the incessant blowing whiteness. Now the only thing to do is pour myself some tea, listen to Exit West on my ipod, and keep knitting. If the power stays on (it's been out once this morning, but came back on after about 30 min.) I'll be baking a pie to celebrate Pi Day and because I think I will deserve it after clearing all this snow and sleet!


  1. Well ... Crap, indeed!! I'm sorry about that. The daffies sure are cheery. And I'm sure your pie will be sweet. :)

  2. Well, crap... exactly! And, PIES!! Yes, I would like to be your neighbor, despite the deluge of snow!

  3. Now there is ice falling from the sky. Ugh. I don't mind snow, but ice is my nemesis!

  4. My view is exactly the same. Boo. I made oatmeal raisin cookies but not pie. At least not yet.

  5. I am so glad you cut those daffodils! And pie, yes! I made a pie yesterday, and it is so good. Enjoy your pie, your flowers, your book, and your tea. This, too, shall pass away.

    1. We didn't get as much snow as they called for, but 8" of snow mixed with 4" of sleet still made for way too much heavy shoveling. I am now enjoying pie, some Rumchata in a lovely mug of chai, the heating pad, and plenty of ibuprofen. My outlook is much improved!

  6. We got hit last night too - but not too bad - maybe 4 inches or so... snow, then sleet on top, then snow - then maybe some freezing rain.... And windy and chilly today. but I think it is over and spring can sproing any time!!

    Linda in VA

  7. you deserve a Pie, a bottle of wine and a nice dinner (cooked by someone else) ... I hope you get at least one of those :-)

  8. Wasn't it fun yesterday? We got 25 inches (yay). My husband who was snow blowing all day isn't saying yay....

  9. I haven't checked the weather in the east the last few days, but we've had record breaking warmth (sorry to add insult to injury). I hope the weather has improved and that your pie was exceptional!


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