Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hello, April

The Think Write Thursday topic for today is (no surprise here) to write a post called, "Hello, April." 

Piles of snow recede.
While daffodils are budding
The deer help themselves

April, please, no fools.
Just eggs and lovely flowers.
Spring can stay a while.

This next haiku isn't specific to April, but it did spring fully-formed into my mind when I was checking the calendar.

Time flies far too fast
I realized with alarm
I'm sixty in June.


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  1. Lovely Ode to April! :-) (And 60 is a nice, round number. That's all.) XO

  2. Love your haiku - fun! And, love your calendar page - perfect. And, trust me as I know, 60 is not bad!

  3. I used to be 60 ... until a couple of weeks ago. ;-) You may actually enjoy it, though I would not suggest finishing out the year with a broken ankle ...

    I love your little poems for April!

  4. Sixty is just fine, sixty-two even better, enjoy every day! Hope your April is wonderful!

  5. Perfect and so well stated, too.

  6. Love your haiku TWTs. You'll always be younger (by 7 years) than I am!

  7. Fun celebration of National Poetry Month!

  8. Perfect Haiku's! And, GRRRRRR those deer!!!

  9. I adore haikus and their simplistic summary of a thought. Lovely photos of winter's last hurrah (hopefully!) and for your poetic spirit!!

  10. aw, haikus. I love you! and the way your mind works! and I'm sending WARM thoughts your way that the snow will melt, the flowers will bloom and the seeds you've been nurturing will root. and whoa, sixty, huh? good information ...


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