Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Oak Watch

About three weeks ago, I wrote about my souvenir oak trees from acorns I've collected. The acorns I planted back in February haven't grown much (if any), but I also included a photo of an oak "stick" from a previously planted Gettysburg acorn. That was then:

Feb. 27, 2017

This is now:

March 20, 2017

I've got two other oak sticks that had leaves last year, dropped them in the fall, but don't yet show any signs of life. 

 I'm still going to hold out hope that they wake up and produce some new leaves.

There are also some tiny buds on my Easter cactus:

These buds and leaves indoors make me anxious to get outside and get my hands in the dirt!


  1. That oak looks so hopeful! You have a lot of patience, Bonny.

  2. How great that one of the oaks "took" - you may have a sapling soon!

  3. nice oak growing you got there. I am not one to enjoy getting dirty in dirt never have been like that. However, both my dad and sister are gardeners and I enjoy seeing the fruits of their dirty labor!

  4. Oh, my fingers are itching to get out there in the soil!!! (February's teasing makes it even worse now, I think.) I love seeing those oak leaves opening up! Gives me hope for the coming season. XO

  5. I think that I shall never see a blog post lovely as your tree!

    Grow fast little oak trees!

  6. Your Oaks (leaves and sticks) are great! My Dad used to plant acorns that he gathered in different places on walks and now my son is doing the same thing. I think your picture of your sticks show leaf buds at the top of at least one. And your Christmas cactus - jealous! I have one that has not bloomed in years. It is a cutting (now much larger) that I took from my aunt's house. Her cactus was HUGE and bloomed several times each year. Mine bloomed for several years and then just stopped. I'm still hopeful.....

  7. Oh, cactus flowers are just the most wonderful color, aren't they? Yay little oak!!

  8. We've been playing in the dirt for a couple of weeks, but I hear the weather is changing the end of the week. We could use some rain. The oak trees are fascinating. I love watching as plants change and grow over time.

  9. Oh wouldn't it be great to get TREES from those sticks! and I think this is the first I've heard of an Easter cactus. it's going to be beautiful in about three weeks!


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