Friday, January 6, 2017

Amaryllis Watch

I've been away from home this week, but as soon as I walked in the door I went to check on my amaryllis. 
What I found was kind of a bad news, good news situation.

The two pots in the back (the ones that look like soil with just a few tiny shoots) are amaryllis bulbs that I tried to rebloom this year, with very little success. Neither of the two main bulbs has done anything; there are just the beginnings of struggling green leaves from two little bulblets off the bulb on the left. I'll probably just leave them (ha, ha!) and see what happens.

The pot in the front is my "rescue amaryllis" with the flower stalk that was bent at a right angle when it called to me. It did straighten up quite nicely, which I appreciate since I carried it around from window to window to provide it with maximum sunlight. I did not appreciate that I had missed the flowers, with only dying blooms left. But then I took a closer look ...

and saw a new flower bud emerging beside the yellowing stalk! I'm not sure who the patron saint of flowers is, 
but I would like to express my thanks for this reward and the promise of more blooms!

I do have one more bulb that I may have been slightly more successful with. 
I'm trying not to check this one more than five or six times a day. 

I've also got some backup insurance in my quest for flowers in the winter - hyacinth bulbs! I was happy to find that I had indeed put some in the refrigerator in the fall. They feel a bit dehydrated in places and maybe just the tiniest bit mushy in others, but I'll be watching them closely for root growth over the next few weeks, while imaging their heavenly fragrance in February. Fingers crossed!


  1. I'm learning that indoor flowers are a big part of enjoying the outside weather. Hooray for more amaryllis blooms!

  2. I think you have a green thumb overall. Well a better green thumb than me...I seem to water too much. I have to chant to myself don't overdo it...

  3. I'm sorry that you missed the blooms but am so happy that you've got more coming! Here's your flowery patron saint list! :-)

  4. I am so happy there is a list of Garden Patron Saints! However, I did not see a patron saint of bulbs on that list! lol And, as usual, I learn new things here - hyacinths in the refrigerator? How long? How do you do this thing, please share more! :)

  5. Boo! for missing the blossoms, but with more great things coming you'll be in for a treat. My Christmas cactus is just finishing with its blooming cycle (a few more pretties to go), but I'm supplementing with bright colors of cut flowers.

  6. I love your hyacinth vases! and your optimistic outlook on the amaryllis - even if they do nothing at all, they provide quite a welcome diversion...and if they grow and bloom, well... beautiful!

  7. If you've got "bulb-lets" I'll bet you get blooms! Maybe not right away . . . but eventually. So glad you're going to get a second set of blooms out of the rescue plant! That's always a treat. I'm playing hurry-up-and-bloom-before-your-bulb-rots with one of mine. (The bulb is a goner, but there is a bud opening. Cross your fingers. . . )

  8. Oh, those new leaves & bulb from "rescue amaryllis" look very healthy!! I'm glad you'll get a second chance to enjoy that one.


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