Thursday, January 19, 2017

Memo to the President

For today's Think Write Thursday topic, Carole and Kat have asked us to write about three things we would do if we were President of the United States. Let me state that I have absolutely no qualifications for this job, and would make a very poor Commander in Chief. Don't you think only highly-qualified and eminently suitable people should hold this important job? So while I will never actually work in the Oval Office, I do have at least three ideas to focus on, so here is my memo to the next President.

To:          The President of the United States
From:      Bonny
Date:       January 19, 2017
Subject:  To-do list

I haven't been sleeping well lately due to some concern over the state of the United States, so in the interest of helping you out with the tough job you are undertaking, I came up with this list of three things I think you should focus on.
  1. Education
  2. Equality and rights for everyone
  3. Universal healthcare for everyone
I firmly believe that education is incredibly important. This doesn't mean only college, but all forms of learning - pre-school, K through 12, tech. schools for learning a hands-on trade, community college, continuing education. I'm not necessarily advocating free post-secondary education as I think people learn more, better, and have a real stake in things if they are contributing in some way. Whether they are paying tuition themselves, doing work-study, or receiving grants, we must do all that we can to make many forms of education more accessible and affordable (but none of that Trump University scam stuff).

Equality is another important area. Our government and President should be inclusive of ALL - regardless of race, creed, color, or religion. I'll admit that this is a goal that can only be begun and worked toward over generations, as it requires both legislation and a change in mindset to open people's minds and hearts. To begin the process and continue what has been accomplished so far, the President must believe in and work for equality at every opportunity.

Healthcare is also critical, and perhaps even more difficult than the others. I don't have any brilliant ideas on how to pay for this, but I think everyone both needs and deserves healthcare. Some of the hardest things in this area are going to be getting to the bottom of why healthcare costs so much in the United States, and beginning to think about quality of life vs. length of life. I'm not talking about "death panels", but we as consumers of healthcare need to take active responsibility for preventing disease with proper diet, exercise, and preventive medicine, and take a long, hard look at end-of-life care.

Yes, I realize it's a tough to-do list, but I am willing to help, as are millions of Americans. Give me a call and let's get it done together!
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  1. EXCELLENT post and ideas! I'm with you 100%!

  2. Love the approach you took to the prompt, Bonny! Excellent priorities!

  3. This! So much of this!! I am with Carole - excellent post, Bonny! Education is the building block on which everything else grows!

  4. PERFECT memo. I couldn't agree with you more. I only wish our new . . . leader . . . was interested in what other people had to say . . .

  5. This is great! I do wish education was a REAL focus in this country. It's so ridiculously underfunded, the loans have high interest rates. Why don't we want to be the best educated nation?

  6. Education would be at the top of my list if I were President. Your list is right on the nose!!

  7. Wow--I love all of your memo points. Great idea to include the end of life prospects, too.

  8. great minds ... :-) love the memo format (and how neatly you side-stepped the whole if YOU were president thing!)


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