Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Have a Little Fun/Pun

I was browsing in a book store last week (a rare treat!), and came upon Have a Little Pun by Frida Clements. Since I stood in the store and laughed my way through it (twice!) I had to buy it. Some of the best ones:

And my very favorite:

I am seriously contemplating buying another copy just so I can trim out "For Fox Sake" and frame it for my kitchen wall. If you enjoy puns, I think this is a fun book to page through, laugh, and appreciate the illustrations. I'm not lion!


  1. Now I want to trim out "For Fox Sake" and frame it for my kitchen wall! What a delightful book. XO

  2. There are few things I love more than puns ... but puns with accompanying pictures win every time!

  3. So fun! I know a couple of little girls that may enjoy that book immensely! (Or at least their mother will!)

  4. LOVE! FOR FOX SAKE, I think I might need to get that book!

  5. Yes. ABSOLUTELY get another copy and frame the page!


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