Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mirror, Mirror ...

The Think Write Thursday topic for today is to write about what our mirror would say if it could talk. So I asked it, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, what the hell is going on?", and it replied ...

"I simply do not know. Yes, I'm a magical mirror on an antique wardrobe, but even with those things going for me, I don't have a clue. In all my years of reflecting history - Margaret Sanger advocating for birth control, the Nineteenth Amendment, the Equal Pay Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Title IX, Roe v. Wade, Barack Obama's presidency - I have never seen times like these. My surface is streaked and I've lost much of my silvering through the years, but I still reflect truthfully and honestly. Sadly, you are now living in a world with alternative facts, damaging and rampant misogyny, gag orders, anti-environmentalism, corruption, hate, xenophobia, and people proud of being ignorant and cruel."

"I wish I could let you step through my wardrobe into Narnia, where good triumphs over evil, but we both know that's a fantasy. Keep up the work for equality and human rights for all humans. Continue with the calls and protests against the Swamp Cabinet and lies. Don't stop advocating for healthcare for everyone and don't stop knitting pussyhats. Call bullshit when you see it, maintain hope and resilience, and good will triumph over evil."

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  1. Awesome take on this topic. I think the good news is that your mirror has survived all that has come before, just as we will survive all that is to come.

  2. oh wow, that's one wise and experienced mirror! and what a way she has with words. great post, Bonny!

  3. Oh. my. gosh! Oh mirror of wisdom indeed! Bonny!! You are an incredible writer!! Well done!!

  4. Call bullshit when you see it...wise words from your mirror! This is a great post!

  5. Your mirror gives us words to live by. My hope is that women, working together, doing just as they did last week, in solidarity, can change this country's direction, this country's soul. I think we can, I know we can. There are so many ways to go and your mirror's words are an important part of our instruction.

  6. What a wise & wonderful mirror!

  7. I LIKE your mirror's wisdom and spunk. XO

  8. I wasn't expecting this take on the subject. Great writing!

    1. Thanks, Susan! With this take on TWT, I didn't have to post a picture of myself!


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