Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Remember When

Remember when I used to knit? I do, and it's a fond memory. I still knit every day, but there are days when all that I can manage are a few rows, rounds, or even just a few stitches. My time has been pretty limited, but I have to admit that I also don't actively make time. It feels like since the election, there have been too many evenings when I've ended up just sitting with my knitting on my lap. While I may blame he-who-shall-not-be-named for many, many things, he is probably not responsible for my lack of knitting process or progress.

I have knit a few small things and made a tiny bit of progress on others, so my hope is that if I do a knitting catch-up here, this will strengthen my resolve to make time for knitting (and actually knit during that time) going forward.

There were some requested dishcloths for Christmas.

A hat for Justin in Texas.

And some Really Warm Mitts for Ryan in Colorado.

In the WIP department, I've got:

A Hitchhiker (of course!)

Some Really Warm Mitts for Me

and my Peace Cowl.

These three projects are just enough to keep me realistically busy and happy. Time to stop just sitting with my knitting!


  1. ah, you're still a knitter :) I love the hats and the projects that are in the works. I need to cast on something new!!

  2. Oh wow, all of these are so nice!

    I am nearly finished with a pair of socks I started on January 2. Never even started my Peace Cowl yet, but I do want to make it after seeing others' progress and finished ones, so maybe that will be next who knows?

  3. Beautiful projects and a good mix of things on the needles, too. I love the color of your Peace Cowl!

  4. Your knitting is so even, especially the top of the red hat, perfect. I seem to make time every day for knitting and reading, it's my only way to daily peace. In fact I have 3 items on my knitting needles, two books in hand with 4 in the line. I need to not forget to move around and exercise - ha, another thing on the to-do list. Life goes on.

  5. I love your Peace Cowl! Nice colors! And, your hitchiker - I really need to put one of those in my completed list for this year!

  6. The hat is really great as are all the other projects you're working on. We are always knitters, even though production may slow (even stop). Last year I knit a total of 5 projects. Sometimes life has other designs on our time and, I feel, sitting deep in thought is a perfectly acceptable thing to do.

  7. Your projects are fantastic and that peace cowl is going to be beautiful. One day at a time my friend...I haven't read a page in close to a month.

  8. My knitting slowed considerably last year (and the year before that, if I remember correctly). Sometimes, other things take priority. Your projects are lovely -- and I'm sure served to keep your hands busy while your head was busy contemplating other things. XOXO

  9. I still need to knit a hitchhiker! hope you find some time today/this weekend to sit quietly and knit. your projects are all beautiful - I hope they bring you comfort today!

  10. Oh, I've done a bit of that, too... I pick up my knitting, but I end up just holding it. Well, there's comfort in that, I guess. I took a few things on vacation and actually worked a few rows!


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