Thursday, February 9, 2023

Small Wins: February 2023

I've had some small wins over the last month and here are a few of them. 

  • I have presents ready and wrapped for February birthdays and I'm patting myself on the back that I'm more than a week early. I'm giving my SiL the Sophie Scarf and my sister gets the Skittles Hitchhiker (ravelry links) I knit last summer. 
  • This one feels like a medium or large win to me - I've gathered all my tax information to take to my appointment with the tax guy on March 1st. When the W-2s, 1099s, and other Important Tax Information started arriving in the mail in January, I just stuffed them in a folder and told myself that I would organize them later. I've been procrastinating, so I finally organized everything, calculated our property tax information, medical costs, and gathered associated folders (selling the MD house and buying Justin's house). I downloaded everything I thought we would need from Fidelity, printed out all 52 pages of it, and grumbled about "why didn't they just send me this stuff in the mail like the good old days?" But at least it's all organized and I have a nice pile of folders to take to our appointment. I'm now free to spend time worrying that we might owe a gazillion dollars.
  • I finally remembered to get scallions at the grocery store so I could make fried rice with both crispy and not-crispy scallions. A small ingredient makes a big difference! I'm also glad that we are growing scallions in the garden this year. They were not cheap!
  • I made some great sweet and sour sauce and now I can use it for lots of varied stir-fry meals by just adding different meat and vegetables.
  • I've made some small inroads into organizing digital photos. This means I've put all of them from various locations onto one hard drive and started to organize them by year. It's not much but it's a start!
Here's hoping that you have had some small (and large) wins recently. Please feel free to tell me about them in the comments!


  1. Great wins here... big and small! :) Thanks for that Sweet and Sour Sauce recipe, I have tried to make it several times, but it's just never quite right. I am going to give this one a try! :)

  2. Bravo on getting all those things done early, particularly the tax stuff! Thank you for the link to the sweet and sour sauce recipe, too -- I never would have guessed some of those ingredients! My latest small win was making homemade pizza dough at my daughter's request last night. It's not hard, but it involves using the food processor, which means washing a TON of pieces because the flour gets everywhere.

  3. Go you! This time of year is not enhanced by the kind of work that needs to be done (lookin' at you, tax season).
    In case you're looking for a healthy-ish egg roll recipe to go with that sweet & sour sauce, here's one:

  4. Finishing that Hitchhiker before I needed it is a win. Hopefully A & T Subaru will call with a price estimate to fix my heater dial and it won't break the bank. THAT would be a BIG win.

  5. Thanks so much for the recipe link. I've printed it out and will definitely try it. I never thought of adding crispy scallions to fried rice - so, appreciate that suggestion too. (I still have a ton of jasmine rice left and plan to make fried rice this weekend...bonus: scallions are in the crisper drawer in the frig). Go you on presents ready ahead of time. I haven't even bought a card for my brother's birthday on the 18th (he may just get a phone call instead). And tax seaason! Our things are pretty well organized, just waiting on one last document to come in (it is ALWAYS towards the end of Feb...). I guess my big win is finally managing to add things to the legal data base. I'm just sorry my win is work-related - LOL

  6. I love sweet and sour sauce, but have never actually made it before -- so thank you for the link. I can't wait to give it a try. And you are SO much farther ahead than I am - with both tax organization and digitial photo everything - that I'm going to use your example as inspiration for my own work. Nicely done on your small wins (that feel pretty big to me). XO

  7. Thanks for the recipe link, I will give it a try! Your small wins seem pretty big to me!

    1. Me, too! (Hope you enjoy the sweet and sour sauce.)

  8. I think the tax stuff is a HUGE win. And the others are also pretty great!

  9. The photos and the tax prep organization sound like big wins to me. Scallions do make a difference. It would be great to have some in the garden. Tuesday I mailed Valentines to my grandchildren and a niece. I think they'll get to destinations on time and that's my small win.

  10. I started putting all of my photos up on paid Flickr, mostly organized but some are not. I am starting the tax prep today!

  11. two handknit birthday gifts and tax stuff DONE ... that's BIG wins (and there are still 18 days left in the month!)


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