Tuesday, February 7, 2023


I'm proud to announce that I am a proud grandmother to my grandcat, Nugget. 

Justin's girlfriend, Jess, is a vet tech, and Nugget got dropped off at her office one day. She was an office cat for a while, but several other cats already lived at the office, so she was sort of an "extra" that nobody was sure what to do with.

When Justin started noticing mice at his house (he trapped 17 in one day!) they decided that Nugget should come live at their house for a while, and hopefully deter the mice. 

She doesn't really sleep all the time and has in fact deterred the mice. She's also incredibly cute and I think she's the perfect cat. She's sweet and interactive, even with strangers, but she'll let you know when she's had enough and just walk away. Justin likes to roughhouse with her and she'll tolerate that up to a point, and then she'll swat him with her claws out and let him know she's done. 

Her name was originally Nessta after a character in a book Jess read, but Justin said he was never going to call her by that silly name, so he started calling her Nugget. He's shortened that to Nugg and she seems to be happy with that, but she's still Nugget to me. 

I was on the phone with a friend and we were talking about not having grandchildren. One of her sons has two cats and she said her phone was filling up with pictures of the cats after they had visited at Christmas. She sent some to me and wanted to see photos of Nugget. I was happy to oblige.

I would ask Jess to find me a cat like Nugget if John was a little more amenable but I'm going to have to work on him. I haven't yet knit for my grandcat but I have considered a few patterns. She is definitely knitworthy!


  1. Nugget looks like a Great Cat -- and just the sweetest little Grandkitty you could have! As the proud grandmother of two grandcats and one granddog, I say . . . welcome to the club! :-) I hope you'll be sharing more photos of your very special grandcat in the days to come. (I have discovered that it's very easy to "knit" for cats -- and you don't even have to execute a stitch. All you need to do . . . is give them some raw materials and they're good to go.) XO

  2. She looks like quite a sweetheart -- I love her little white paws! If you can't have a cat of your own, then a grandcat is the next best thing.

  3. She is gorgeous, Bonny! What a delight to welcome to your family! But I burst right out laughing at Kym's "raw materials" comment! That is most certainly true! I do hope we see much more of dear Nugget!

  4. Nugget is livin' her BEST life. She is beautiful!

  5. Nugget is adorable and looks so cuddly and sweet! Kym is 100% right about how easy it is to "knit" for cats!

  6. I'm so glad you posted these pictures Bonny! Nugget is darling (and I love the name Nugget). I don't like fiddly knitting but the one pattern ("Out of Yarn") looks like it could be fun! Thanks for the links. You need to work on John!!

  7. I have all those patterns in my Ravelry Favorites, but the one I knit the most for my grandkitty and all his friends is Catnip Bunny... a huge hit and they last forever! Can't wait to see more pictures

    1. Thanks for the pattern recommendation! It's helpful coming from someone who has actually knit it. More pictures will be coming in the future!

  8. It looks as if Nugget has found a good home. She looks very sweet.

  9. Nugget is such a sweetie!! I love how our hearts expand when our children's family grows. My daughter's cat is precious to us!!

  10. oh how fun! I think a grand-pet is the perfect stepping stone to getting a pet yourself. Would John really notice if you got a cat?!


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