Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekending - Now With Double Good Wife Points!

And how did I earn those bonus points, you ask?

First, I worked in the paint room in the cellar, consolidating all of our old paint into 10 one-gallon cans. This was extra-strength Kon-Mari'ing, as I had to pry open more than 20 rusty cans to be able to combine them. Then I loaded them into the car, and headed off to my destination.

Hazardous Waste Clean Up Day! The county has begun providing a way to dispose of old paint, insecticides, mercury, asbestos pipe wrap, fluorescent tubes, etc. in the proper way. They did state that they would not take radioactive materials or explosives.
Good thing I didn't have any of those.

Even though I got there early, the line stretched as far as I could see. 
The line behind me was even longer. 

I had knitting with me, but the guy in the car next to me must have gotten bored
 without his knitting. He got out of his car, went up to the guy in front of him, and said, "So, whatcha got?" They spent a fun 20 minutes comparing whose hazardous waste
 was bigger and/or more hazardous. Only men ...

After two hours, I had finally inched my way up to the drop-off point, where the 
Tyvek-suited workers sorted and tossed into gigantic dumpsters. I do wonder where
 all this hazardous waste ultimately ends up, but there was no time to chat
 with anyone about that.

When I got home, I decided I had had such good luck in line that I took John's car to wait in another long line at the inspection station. His car passed, and I got to check two dreaded tasks off my list.

While time spent at a New Jersey Hazardous Waste Clean Up day and the inspection station doesn't make for a very picturesque weekend, it did give me a chance to feel a little extra virtuous, and that's always a good thing. 

How was your weekend? I hope it was picturesque, productive, relaxing, and/or fun!


  1. Picturesque...the sun did shine! Productive...yes, there was a bit but not too much. Relaxing...I got a nap on the porch! Fun...all around, I'd say yes! We could stand to dump some paint containers too!

  2. I love this post, bravo to you! I thank you and, more importantly, our earth thanks you!! And, I laughed out loud at the "only men" commentary. Hahaha. So true! I say you more than earned double points because you did all this good work with knitting!

  3. Feeling virtuous is a very important. You deserve accolades for even one dreaded errand, but two in one day (plus adding in time spent knitting) you deserve a crown!

  4. Good for you for getting both things done. And you managed to squeak in some knitting, too, hooray for multitasking!

  5. Most Excellent Multitasking EVER! (Want to do my taxes?)

  6. Both of those are good things to have done and so easy to dread doing! :) Helen

  7. I'm weird but I like when I get stuff like that done and off of my to do list. Good for you!!

  8. yay for you! (my weekend was a lot more picturesque than yours, but did nothing to cross anything off my to-do list!)


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