Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hey, Bud!

We had a bit of snow on Monday, and it's still below freezing at night, but during my walks around the yard and neighborhood yesterday I was surprised by the number of buds I saw.

My favorites are the delicate buds and flowers on our apricot tree
 and the still-closed pinkish buds on the nectarine.

Some plants, like my grape hyacinths, are moving quickly
 beyond the bud stage to full bloom.

I'm not even sure what this tree is, but I think it's beautiful. John says it's some sort of ornamental cherry (not with yellow flowers!), but it reminds me of a sassafras. Maybe I'll figure it out once leaves appear.

There are also buds indoors. My confused Christmas cactus has at least three,
one of which might even open by Easter.

I have a soft spot for pussy willows.
This is one that I'm trying to root, stuck in a begonia, but still buds.

And because I love the flowers, bark, buds (and hopefully the fruit this summer), 
here's one last photo of the apricot.

I hope Spring is beginning to bud out in your neighborhood!


  1. This is a delightful post - so many buds and signs of life! Hurrah!

  2. Oh, WOW! You're a couple of weeks ahead of us here -- and giving me such hope for the bud-filled time ahead. I love grape hyacinth! I planted a bunch of bulbs last fall -- and they're starting to come up, but not blooming yet. (My Christmas cactus is also bursting with blooms right now.)

  3. You're buds are much farther along than ours although I'm sure our apricot was just ambushed by the frost. We haven't seen an apricot in the whole 5-6 years we've had the garden.

  4. I love these photos! And, bravo to the Christmas/Easter Cactus who got and implemented the "bloom where you are planted" memo! There is a lesson in there, I am sure! Anyways, thank you so much for sharing your spring with us!

  5. so pretty! the apricot is my favorite...pale pink and dark brown is such a lovely combination! cherry trees are in full bloom here and a few of the early bloomers are already green. even the azaleas are starting to bloom...hope they hang around a little bit...April will be different without all the flowers!

  6. Looking good Bonny! You can't help but smile especially looking at the grape hyacinth!

  7. That apricot is really lovely! So nice to enjoy the turning of the seasons.

  8. Ah, beautiful!! It'll be a while yet before we see much of that around here. I was thankful to get a little preview in Oregon.


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