Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tall ones ...

short ones, and in between -- they all smell like spring!

Here's hoping there's some spring in your neck of the woods!


  1. Last week I had 1 little clump of crocuses but now I have whole bunches. Hooray!

  2. Beautiful! I can almost smell them from here!

  3. So beautiful! We have a few crocus peaking through the ground a few taller ones on the verge of blossoming!

  4. love your containers that the flowers are in! and the flowers themselves are so pretty. But whenever I walk by them in the grocery store, my allergies go nuts big time! Not sure what it is about them! And it is a bummer - because I do love the way they look!

    Linda in VA

  5. (Crum. I just lost the comment I was trying to send. My apologies if you get one twice.) Anyway, what I was trying to say . . . I so appreciate the LOVELINESS of your hyacinths. And I can (sort of) smell them right through the computer screen. All signs of spring here . . . are buried under a foot of snow, thanks to yesterday's storm. (But the melt-down is coming. It's started already. . . )

  6. Those are just beautiful! Will you plant them in the garden in the spring? Or are these designed to live in the house year round?

    1. I'll plant them outside after the blooms fade and the soil warms up. If I'm lucky the squirrels won't dig them up and they'll bloom outside next year.

  7. so pretty! I'm closing my eyes and I really do think I can smell them, too. wishing for spring brings on all sorts of lovely super powers.


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