Thursday, March 10, 2016

Throwback Thursday - Cakes, Cookies, and Pie

I've been trying to organize our digital photos, without much success, if I'm honest. I may have created a bigger mess than when I started, but during my initial cull and deletions, I was struck by one thing - the number of photos we have of cakes, cookies, and pie. These are just a few among hundreds.

I had forgotten that I would use almost any reason to bake a celebratory cake. 

 There was a requested congratulatory cherry cheese pie when Ryan got a 5
 on the AP chemistry exam. 

Who doesn't love a good plant cell cake, complete with fruit roll up cell wall
 and cookie nucleus?

 We celebrated Ryan's first birthday away at college by taking his favorite zucchini cake
 to him at Gettysburg.

I wasn't always the baker. Justin made a delicious apple tart and deer antler cookies.

Ryan made me a birthday cake, complete with chocolate syrup writing.

And the kids got clever on John's 49th birthday.

Our digital photos may still be in disarray, but in trying to organize them I'm reminded of 
how much I treasure and miss these sweet times.


  1. What a tasty walk down memory lane!

  2. Birthdays are a great time for documentation, as are plant cell cakes. :)

  3. That plant cell cake is amazing! And I'm sure the teacher was quite pleased too! I'll bet you're enjoying going through these can kind of get lost huh?

  4. What GREAT cakes (etc.) -- and a wonderful family tradition. I've been trying to organize our digital photos, too. (Mostly just getting them off the hard drive of my iMac and onto an overly complicated system I designed of external hard drive/Dropbox.) (Because there just isn't any more room.) It's a painful process -- and takes so dang long, so I can relate to your frustration with the project. (I also get side-tracked by the nostalgia of it all, too. So there is that.)

  5. what a fun way to get distracted! I haven't even attempted anything with digital photos, but the printed ones are still nagging me. maybe I need some cake!

  6. Personally, I love these photos! And, what fun cakes! As for organizing - I have tried to do this via Flickr and folders, which does not always work. But, I try!


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