Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ten on Tuesday - Time Warp

If ever there was a song about Time, for me it's "Time Warp" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I was in college during the heyday of TRHPS, and spent quite a bit of time gathering rice, newspapers, water pistols, toilet paper, and toast, heading to the nearest theater at midnight, and doing the Time Warp down front. Catchy tune, good times!

So you might have guessed that the Ten On Tuesday prompt for today is 10 Things You Would Do With An Extra Hour in the Day. My list will not include doing the the Time Warp.
  1. Sleep
  2. Knit
  3. Read
  4. Finish taxes
  5. Try needle felting
  6. Take a longer walk
  7. Make a better dinner
  8. Drink another cup of tea
  9. Write more and better blog posts
  10. Watch another episode of House of Cards
I will be doing a few of these things this week (finishing taxes and watching House of Cards), and I know that if I make an honest effort to stop wasting time, I could do all of them. Expect a report next week on how I did!

What would you do with an extra hour in your day? 


  1. Finish taxes, gah! This needs to happen in my house too. And, sleep - at my age this is the stuff of pipe dreams. Some nights exhaustion wins and I sleep, but the rest - not so much. Just another joy of menopause... not! Great list, Bonny!!

  2. Fun list! So excited for House of Cards to be back this week!

  3. Ummmm.. Those things take more than an hour. Just sayin! ;-)
    Great list -- and your comment about "wasting time?" I think you're on to something. . .

  4. Also . . . la-la-la . . . not hearing anybody say anything about taxes . . .

  5. I'm with you on the longer walk and extra cup of tea. :-)

  6. Oh those dreaded taxes. Thank goodness it's my hubby's job. I tried needle felting but I'm always afraid I'm going to stab myself with that needle!

  7. You have a great list. I'd love more time to take a longer walk.

  8. We must finish House of Cards too! I'll mention that tonight! And yay for the longer walk.

  9. I was so amused when I read re:TRMHPS...I was out of college and remember going to see it at a movie theater on the U MD campus - it was a hoot! Still amuses me that kids are still acting out the performance. Thanks for the trip down memory lane - as in 40 years ago!
    Love your list...taxes and all!

  10. I need to watch House of Cards.

  11. I'm afraid I need way more than an hour a day to finish our taxes :-(. but sleeping, walking and dinners would be on my list too!

  12. Make a better dinner is a great one. Something less on the fly!


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