Thursday, March 31, 2016

Right Now - March 2016

The end of March snuck up on me, so before it's over, here's what's going on in my world right now.

Worrying About  - Justin. He had truck trouble in Mississippi, got towed to Louisiana, and has been there for three days while his truck (hopefully) gets repaired. Frustrating and costly, but today may be the day he finally attempts to get back on the road to Texas.

Doing - Lots and lots of laundry. Today looks like the last good outdoor drying day before three days of rain (and snow!) so I'm keeping the washing machine busy.

Knitting - The same Hitchhiker. To be honest, I haven't knit as much as I'd hoped because I've been busy texting with Justin, talking to AAA, finding a reasonably priced hotel in Metairie, LA, finding a different reasonably priced hotel in Kenner, LA when his truck was towed to a second diesel shop, and fussing far too much.

Learning - That "let it go" and "mindfulness" aren't just words for me to throw around, they're necessary, but difficult, things to really do.

Reading - The Genius of Birds and In the Footsteps of Sheep. Both are very good so far.

Drinking - Tea. I'm drinking up the tea stash (a whole drawer in the pantry cupboard), but I've got some celebratory Stella Artois stashed for as soon as I've got something to celebrate. (Is there such a thing as a beer stash?)

Eating - Asparagus and salads with spring greens, looking forward to enjoying rhubarb and spinach (not together).

Watching - Birds, both in person at the feeders, and just-born eaglets via webcam. Compelling viewing!

Wishing - I had two nearby people to play Euchre with. John doesn't like any kind of games (there were some childhood traumas :-) but Justin and I could convince him to play once in a while. With Justin gone, I may be reduced to wandering the neighborhood with a deck of cards, looking for willing participants.

Dreading - Dealing with digital photos. I've been talking about organizing them for months, and now that spring is approaching, I have so many better things to do outside that I feel bad sitting inside in front of the computer all day. "Maybe it's a project better put away until next fall and winter," she said in an attempt to allay guilt.

Loving - The spring light streaming in the windows, but now I can see all the dust!

What's going on in your world right now?


  1. Pretty grape hyacinths! I'm sorry to hear that Justin ran into trouble on his trip. I hope he knows how lucky he is to have a mom to help with all of that. Peaceful thoughts for you until you know he's safely in Texas.

  2. Oh...the Mom's greatest fear. I'm so sorry about that. :-( Glad to hear you've been able to straighten it out pretty much. And Doug doesn't do games either...I'd love a Yahtzee partner!

  3. We've had three days (or four) of snow and rain and I hear we'll have a clear and warmer weekend. Sorry it seems to be coming at your expense. I hope you have a reason to drink the Stella Artois soon and that Justin is able to get on up the road! Smith doesn't like games, either. Too bad we're not neighbors!

  4. oh ugh... so sorry about Justin's travel issues and your accompanying worries. I'm glad you can do things to help because really "let it go" isn't really an option when your son is stranded in Louisiana! hoping you both have cause for celebration SOON! (and not only because I hear that a beer stash really doesn't keep very well :-)

  5. I do hope Justin is on his way happily in a new and improved truck. I'm glad he IS safe. I don't like to play games, I get to ugly and competitive and well it's not a pretty sight..

  6. I'm so sorry to hear that Justin ran into truck problems! I hope they're fixed and he's back on the road. (Thank goodness for AAA. . . ) I don't play games either. (I'm with John -- childhood trauma.) But Tom does -- and he's super competitive about it. . . And, yeah. Beer stashes are definitely A Thing. (They just don't last too long.)


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