Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ten on Tuesday - Wanna Hang Out?

Today's Ten On Tuesday topic is 10 Places You Hang Out. I don't envision myself as hanging out much, but let's see what I can come up with.

  1. In the kitchen. I like my kitchen, which is a good thing, because I spend quite a bit of time there. 
  2. In bed. Possibly an odd hang out, but about 30% of my life is spent there.
  3. In "my" chair. This is the love seat in the living room, with plenty of room for knitting, reading, and my laptop. It also has a good view of the TV, for when I'm hanging out with Netflix. I can even balance a cup of tea here.
  4. On the internet. I should hang out here less often, but I can always think of one more thing I have to check out - a new-to-me yarn on Ravelry, scientific studies on the effect of cinnamon on prostaglandins, or the broadcast rate and days to germination of winter wheat.
  5. In the yard. Recently, I've been hanging out here for at least one day each weekend, raking leaves and/or wrestling the leaf vacuum around the yard.
  6. At the library. A good place to hang out. I wish I could add "At the bookstore", but sadly, we no longer have a bookstore within a reasonable driving distance.
  7. On my porch. This is a spring and summer hang out - knitting, reading, and watching people.
  8. In the garden. All the cool kids hang out in my garden during the spring and summer. (Not really, but I like to tell myself that's the case.) I'll be hanging out there later this week, pulling carrots and turnips.
  9. In the cemetery. I've been walking every day, and our cemetery has a fairly steep hill, so I often walk there for some added cardio effort. A different place to hang out, but it's really just a well-landscaped, quiet park, with some lovely artistic stone carving, and lots of deer.
  10. The Loopy Ewe. I only get to visit here once (or twice if I'm really lucky) a year, but I'd really love to hang out at their Knit Night on Thursdays!
We don't have a Starbucks, a good tea shop, a local book or yarn store, but "my" chair provides a pretty good substitute for all of these, so that's why it's my favorite place to be.

Where can you be found hanging out?


  1. I walk to our cemetery most days, too. It's a good distance from my house for a 2 mile loop. In other words, I don't think that's weird at all.

  2. Great list, and I have never been to Loopy Ewe, but I would love to be able to hang out there!

  3. i can balance a cup of tea too!!! and I sit on a love seat too! we are twins.

  4. I love your cozy spot and it looks so inviting. Yes, we all hang out here on the interwebs a little too much but that's how we met! I love my favorite tea shop, but it's just a little too far from my house to visit often. When it comes down to it, we hangout in a lot of places daily!

  5. I love your chair! It looks so cozy. I hang out on the internet way to much lately.

  6. Oh yeah the INternet. I forgot about that one.

  7. What a wonderful list - so many fun and interesting places! I would also love to hang out at the Loopy Ewe, sadly there isn't a LYS close to where I live.

  8. I like your hangouts! And I think cemeteries are some of the coolest places to hang out. The stones are beautiful, lots of grass and lots of stories to create while reading the stones. And one day...we will go to knit night at the Loopy Ewe.

  9. I wish I could hang out at The Loopy Ewe too!

  10. I didn't even think of the Internet as a hangout but I do spend tons of time hanging out online.

  11. LOVE "your chair" -- which looks (and functions much the same as) my couch corner! I love hanging out in cemeteries. Quite, peaceful, beautiful -- and really just awe-some. Great list, Bonny.

  12. Lots of fun places. My mother's favorite place to be was in bed... I've never even been able to finish a breakfast in bed!! :)


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