Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Musings

Mondays during November are for Monday Musings - about the weekend, what's going on, or maybe just a gathering of randomness.

Raking - All the leaves. My BBF also helped this weekend.

Watching - Futurama. Very intellectual viewing!

Reading - Listening to Midnight Riot (a recommendation from Ryan), slowly but surely eye-reading The Animal Dialogues (I love the cover!), and giving Career of Evil another try. It was too creepy for me to continue my first attempt, but I do want to find out where Robin and Cormoran are headed.

Thinking about - Spending yet another day in the hospital this week, this time for some outpatient surgery. I'm not the patient, but the patient can be cranky, selfish, demanding, and uncooperative. It's a long drive for me to get there, and a long day sitting in the waiting room, despite time spent with my knitting, Kindle, and an audiobook. I recognize that since I'm not the patient I don't get to complain about this, so I am also thinking seriously about how to adjust my attitude towards this situation and handle it with patience and grace.

Drinking - Not Your Father's Root Beer. Good, but very sweet. The next time I have it I may mix it with some regular root beer or seltzer to cut the sweetness.

Eating - A delicious dinner with several friends on Friday night. One of them planned everything, so all I had to do was show up and have fun. With a diverse group including a Mexican organic chemistry professor, an Egyptian toxicologist, a retired couple that travels extensively, along with John and I, the evening was full of interesting stories and plenty of stimulating and brilliant conversation from some very smart people (not me!)

Starting - Some amaryllis bulbs. I need to get a few new ones to start now since the ones from last year are just a few weeks into their resting period, and not ready to bring out of of dormancy yet. New bulbs are on my grocery list this week; picking up flowers or bulbs at the grocery store makes it much less like grossery shopping!

Procrastinating - Painting the back kitchen window. It's not a big job, but it needs lots of scraping and prep work before I can even start painting, all of it on a ladder just a little higher than I'm comfortable with. It's one of those pesky projects that we've said we really need to get to for at least two years, so I need to just do it.
Looking Forward To - Election Day tomorrow, because that means the end of unwelcome, irritating, and interrupting political phone calls (at least for a little while!)

Planning - NaBloPoMo posts!

What's going on in your world right now? I hope it's all good, and not disrupted by annoying phone calls!


  1. Amaryllis bulbs! Just reading that brought my attention around to how close the Holidays are and how much I want to do between now and then. Amaryllis bulbs are on the list! I barely got though Career of Evil. There are things I just don't need to know and that book was one I didn't need to read.

  2. So that's how to improve the grossery shopping trip! I've got to go back and read your post about the bulbs from earlier this year. And I'll be thinking of you as you sit. It's the right thing to do. :-)

  3. I don't answer the phone. LOL. Thanks for the reminder to get some amaryllis bulbs!

  4. Oh, those phone calls . . . (I don't answer anymore; but sometimes they leave voice messages). I LOVE amaryllis bulbs. They're on my list of things to pick up this week, too. Good luck with the painting -- and with the waiting at the hospital. (Will be thinking of you.) XO

  5. Ah, I need to WASH my kitchen windows and stop procrastinating! We have some pretty mild weather this week (70F on Wednesday - my day off) and I think it's going to be all downhill from there. So, yeah. Just do it!

  6. ...and we're OFF! I hope the surgery day is better than you think... and that you can find your back to Career of Evil. I really did enjoy it - but I wonder if I'm going to be in minority about that. also, maybe that root beer needs some alcohol, not some seltzer ;-)


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