Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Supper

Chard...It's what's for dinner.

The garden was a bit disappointing this summer because we had about eight weeks of high temperatures and no rain. We yanked out the pitiful tomatoes, green beans, and peas months ago, but left the cooler weather crops (chard, Brussels sprouts, carrots, cabbage, and turnips) to see how they would fare. The chard grew like weeds, which is not surprising, because that's exactly what I think it tastes like. John likes it, so I plant it, and then ignore it and hope bugs, fungus, or frost get it before we do, but no such luck.

I spent Thursday afternoon cutting it, trimming it, washing it, and filling the refrigerator with it. I steamed a giant pot full, and so far we've eaten it for three meals. I've been hiding the weedy taste with tabasco sauce and it just may be growing on me. So today for Sunday Supper we're having Chard and Bacon Quiche. Nothing hides the taste of chard like cheese and bacon.

Sauteed apples as a side and a nice glass of wine might
 almost make me forget I'm eating chard!

Here's hoping you're having something tasty for your own Sunday Supper.


  1. Chard always seems to come through --- no matter the state of the rest of the garden! I love to use it in quiche. Mmmmm.

  2. Bacon, or pancetta, is perfect to hide almost any weedy greens. I like chard stems, but the rest of the plant is best hidden in soups, or dishes like the one you created.

  3. I've tried to like chart but it has never taken!

  4. cheese and bacon (and a pie crust) could make ANYthing taste good! my grandma used to make a custard with it...sadly I don't have the recipe, but I imagine it was eggs and cheese (and chard!) I like it, but I haven't tried to eat a fridge full in a weekend!

  5. I can honestly say I don't think I've eaten chard! That quiche does look quite delicious though. And those sides should certainly help the situation!


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