Friday, November 20, 2015

Amaryllis Cam(aryllis) - Week Two

My amaryllis have been clamoring for a group photo shoot, so here they are in week two.

Scarlet, Minerva, and Sakura - Week Two

You might notice an addition to the bunch. I was shopping at my least favorite big box store when I spied a display of hundreds of packaged amaryllis. The bulbs had red tissue paper crammed down on top of them with the whole package then tightly wrapped in clear plastic. When I examined them more closely I could see that at least half of the bulbs had started growing and were struggling to escape their tissue paper and plastic prisons. I could only bring one rescue amaryllis home, so Minerva (that was really the name on her tag!) now lives here.

The original two seemed a little put out that they didn't yet have names, so I'm pleased to introduce Scarlet and Sakura (the Japanese pink flowering cherry and also an anime character with pink hair). I know one is red and the other pink, but I wasn't paying attention when I planted them so they may be misnamed. They haven't yet objected.

Scarlet and Sakura - Week One

My husband has questioned whether we have room to adopt any more amaryllis from the orphanage soulless big box store, but I have pointed out that our empty nest is now occupied by living things that don't talk back, argue with each other, or need financial support. :-)


  1. Excellent rationale! But girls can be moody! :-) Have a wonderful weekend Bonny.

  2. Are you saying plants are better than kids? LOL

  3. I tried to rescue Minerva, but she was too far gone and had to go back to the Big Box. You're a better person than I.

  4. It sounds like you have found the magical creature to adopt! They won't cost much for college tuition for sure.

  5. I have adopted a few "Minervas" myself. (It's the only thing for a caring gardener to do.) I need to get on the stick and get some amaryllis! I totally missed out last year . . . and must get busy or it's going to happen again. :-)


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