Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Musings - Connections

What are the connections between this pile of rubble

and this locket?

Let me tell you.

Yesterday when I was walking along Main Street, I was surprised to see construction equipment, partially destroyed buildings, giant piles of rubble, and a sad cupola, no longer on the roof, but lying sadly on the ground.

This is/was the Flemington Cut Glass complex. It was established in 1908, and was still operating as a maker of specialty glass products when we moved here in 1989. Cut Glass shut down at some point, but the building became the site of an antique mall that I often frequented, seeking treasures. I had an emotional time sending my youngest son to kindergarten in 1998, so I headed to the antique store for some pleasurable browsing after the bus picked him up. I found this lovely locket, and immediately knew I had indeed found a treasure. I dithered a bit over the price, but had to go back to get "my locket" on Justin's second day of kindergarten and I've worn it every day since then.

The antique mall closed and the buildings fell into severe disrepair. Some developers have been wrestling with the borough for years, trying to get approvals to build housing. I knew that the Cut Glass buildings had been slated for destruction for probably the last five years, but was surprised to see that it's actually happened.

While I was walking around, wondering about the history, I spied this pamphlet. 

It was printed in 1965 to celebrate their 57th year, and a serendipitous find.

Everything changes, and time marches on. So while it is a bit sad to look at these dilapidated buildings and their demise, I am glad I had the chance to find my cherished locket here. Seeing these buildings reminded me of how I fought against letting go back in 1998, and I am grateful to have learned quite a bit about letting go over the last 17 years.


  1. Oh wow! Love the locket - love the story behind it all.... So many of the antique shops I used to go to are gone now. And I miss them!

    Linda in VA

  2. Oh, what a pretty locket... and lovely reminder of a meaningful place & time. It's so sad to see historical places fall under the wrecking ball, but I also know the staggering amount of money that can be required to bring them up to current safety standards... I'd save them if I could, but I'd need a money tree!! ;)

  3. The locket is a lovely keepsake of that special to you day. I found it all the more meaningful that you had worn the locket ever since that day. We've had a little resurgence of antique/vintage shops in our area and I wonder how they'll do.

  4. What a great story, Bonny! And what a wonderful symbol of . . . love, parenting, and letting go. (Even when the "letting go" is of buildings. . . )

  5. I love this story! and I'm very impressed with the polish on that locket... especially with daily wear ;-)


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