Monday, November 23, 2015

Hmm ... That's Interesting.

I've seen some interesting things over the past several weeks ...

Proper use of semicolons is a good thing;
omitting periods is not.

This sign makes me cringe every time I walk past it.

 Some things should not be pumpkin flavored.

 Some things should not be emblazoned with odd renditions of Chewbacca.
(I was so amused/apalled at how bad Chewbacca looked that I didn't even notice
 the ugly Darth Vader until I uploaded the photo.)

My humble opinion is that poinsettias should be left alone to show their
 natural beauty and not be "Color Splashed".
(At least they aren't also sprinkled with glitter.)

I wonder if Kohl's sells many of these fluorescent green men's dress socks?
 (Not to my husband!)

There are lots of interesting things in the world, especially if you are
 looking everywhere and taking pictures of everything like crazy,
desperately hoping to come up with a NaBloPoMo post!


  1. This is a fun post - you're right, the things we see out in the world are interesting!

  2. OMG, that bees sign would make me stabby!

    Poinsettias should be red. End of story.


  3. I had no idea all the bad poinsettias, creamers and goat cheeses existed! Oh and the green socks, too!

  4. That is a great post! And I am amazed at the amount of space that creamers are taking up at the grossery store now! And Chewbaca, they should be ashamed!

  5. LOVE this post! The world is full of . . . curiosities.

  6. Fun post! I get freaked when I see signs that are just plain wrong! And it bothers me when certain restaurants will have signs that misspell words to be cute... I do think there are way too many pumpkin spice flavored items out there these days! But...I saw those poinsettias in my store the other day and I actually said out loud - oh so pretty! I don't know why - they just appealed to me - maybe it was because they were so unexpected!

    Linda in VA

  7. Oh my... I agree, those poinsettias are WRONG!! (And also UGLY.)

  8. I am also a grammar Nazi. The world needs us.


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