Monday, April 6, 2015

It's a Seedy Business...

But it means that spring is finally approaching! I started some of our garden seeds about a week ago, and just seeing those little seedlings makes me happy. There are Napa cabbage, Brussels sprouts, three types of tomatoes, two types of watermelons, and five types of marigolds in the front two trays. I planted the back tray on Saturday with peppers and more tomatoes.

My started seeds usually live in our cheap cost-efficient planting arrangement - shelves from Costco with fluorescent fixtures suspended over them, housed in the dungeon basement. This is why I wish I had a greenhouse, but it works even though it's not pretty. It's more Mother Earth News than Martha Stewart.

I love how the watermelons look so strong and energetic, reaching for the sun.

Some of the marigolds are getting their first set of true leaves, above the seed leaves
 (or cotyledons for those that might remember some botany terms). 

I marvel that these tomato seedlings, some of which haven't even fully broken the seed coat, will be producing delicious red fruit in only four or five months.

I'm glad to finally be employed in some seedy business!


  1. You are a very dedicated gardener!

  2. It's a good feeling to get your fingers in the soil once again!

  3. Oh, your post just warms my heart! I don't start my own seeds (no space; need that greenhouse!). Spring is coming!!!

  4. wow! I'm impressed with your set up in the basement! Can't wait to see all those little seedlings in your garden :)

  5. Looking good Bonny! I've started a few things over the years but they seem to get leggy...I think possibly turning them daily might help?

  6. wow! it is amazing to think that any of those tiny green plants will produce enough food to make whole meals. Your selection sounds very tasty, especially brussels sprouts and watermelon!


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