Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ten on Tuesday - Many Reasons

Since Carole is enjoying sun, fun, and tequila on vacation in Mexico and not around to do Ten on Tuesday this week, I've come up with my own list - Ten Many Reasons Why I Would Love to Move to Colorado.
  1. Oldest Son lives there
  2. Youngest Son would like to live in the West (as soon as he finds a job there).
  3. Mountains
  4. The climate
  5. A Reader's Haven 
  6. A truly wonderful library system that is quickly becoming my local library even though I am currently 1700 miles away!
  7. So much good beer
  8. Whiskey, too
  9. The best reuben I've ever had
  10. The Loopy Ewe
  11. Celestial Seasonings and the Mint Room
  12. Pike's Peak
  13. Mesa Verde
  14. Friendly, accomodating, and accepting people
  15. Gorgeous wildflowers 

 Some day!



  1. I would like Colorado for the reader's haven part of it - for sure! And it is a beautiful part of the country. From pictures I've seen - never been there. I want to move back to Ohio where all my family is!

    Linda in VA

  2. Colorado's great. Are you OK with the higher altitude?

  3. Red Rocks, too! My girlfriend's younger son just landed a job in Denver (he'll be working for Schwab and starts in June). It's a great city ... and I hope I get to visit with her!

  4. And you're closer to Utah which is an even better place to live! :)
    The West is a great place and we've found it hard to leave because the people we know are so very wonderful. They keep us here as much as the beauty of the landscape.

  5. love your list and the best reason is because of your sons :) although a good library is a must!!

  6. I couldn't agree with your list more. Colorado is a magical place. I used to have a colleague who was from Boulder. When she went home for a visit, we all gave her money to buy Celestial Seasonings lip balm and import it back here. We were hooked on the stuff. Haven't had a tube in years, sadly - she doesn't work here anymore!

  7. After growing up in very-near-to-Colorado Cheyenne, and then spending Tom's graduate school years in Fort Collins, I can concur! Lovely place to be! (And my son will be heading to Boulder this summer . . . with or without a job, I'm told!)

  8. I need some blue columbines in my front door shade garden. Someday!


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