Friday, April 17, 2015

B is for ...

Bird houses!

Several people commented that they would like to see the bird houses I mentioned on Tuesday, and since it's time for me to get out the ladder and put them up, I'm happy to oblige and take some pictures. They aren't terribly artistic, but it really makes me smile remembering all of us painting together, with both boys very concerned that they were painting designs that the birds would appreciate and make them feel welcome.

This one says Welcome right up front.

 This one Welcomes the birds, both forwards and backwards.

What family wouldn't also enjoy the covered porch and the green and gold striped
 awning over the side window?

This one has a skylight.

Here is one of my personal favorites, with some lovely nest-related art on the back.

I spent some time climbing the ladder and also climbing some trees
 to hang the bird houses, including one on the porch in a prime spot
 just a few feet away from one of the feeders.

Now all I have to do is wait for the birds to get ready to nest. We've been hanging these bird houses for fifteen years or so, and they've had nests, eggs, and baby birds almost every year, maybe because we made the birds feel so welcome!


  1. Those are so cute and they have held up really well after all these years!

  2. I can't believe how "new" these look after 15 years! I'm sure the birds must love coming back home to roost.

  3. You have created the best bird real estate in the neighborhood! What bird family wouldn't like to live in the most fun colorful house available? Plus, the endless hours of entrainment you must receive from watching their families grow. Lovely.

  4. Spring has sprung in your neck of the woods for sure now! What wonderful pieces bringing joy to you year after year!

  5. Very cute bird houses. You must see such a variety!

  6. I am so impressed that your houses are still in order after all these years. What a cheerful way to welcome spring!

  7. I adore them! I can see why the birdies would want to return year after year!

    Linda in VA

  8. This post just made me squee with delight! What a wonderful tradition -- and such a treat for your bird population. Thanks so much for sharing the story of your birdhouses. XO

  9. Those are delightful! What fun you all must have had painting them.


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