Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ten on Tuesday - Last Week


The Ten on Tuesday topic this week is 10 Things You Did Last Week. Not surprisingly, Carole chose vacation, sun, tequila, and the beach over blog reading last week, and this week will provide a fun catch up. So, last week I...
  1. Appreciated the spring flowers that are blooming, even though spring is dragging her heels in these parts
  2. Missed Carole, so I did my own lone Ten on Tuesday
  3. Cleaned the wet leaves out of flower beds, and trimmed mums, hydrangeas, and roses
  4. Was itching to plant some flowers and vegetables, but...
  5. Got surprised by snow on Thursday and Friday
  6. Was quite happy that the snow melted almost as quickly as it fell
  7. Saw the return of my sock knitting mojo
  8. Walked to the dentist, bank, locksmith, florist, etc. to accomplish all my errands, and I'm really starting to like it
  9. Started a new book, The Children's Crusade. It's becoming a bit of a slog, so I'm already looking for my next book.
  10. Began planning my own summer vacation
What did you do last week? Hope it included plenty of fun and interesting things!


  1. Coincidentally, I found my sock mojo return recently, too, and I spent last week planning our summer vacation.


  2. Sounds like a good week to me. I tried reading blogs but the wifi at our hotel was spotty to say the least. It was actually kind of nice to be unplugged!

  3. I found some sock mojo myself this week. Oh how I wish Spring would get here and stay for good!

  4. Sounds like a great week except for the snow! I love vacation planning... where are you going?

  5. snow? we had it last Thursday and that was kind of a shocker. Lovely week that you had minus that snow.

  6. We had snow and rain, too. Winter decided she wasn't quite giving up. You're an inspiration when it comes to walking.

  7. Your week . . . sounds kind of like me week. (Although I was reading a different slog.) I'm curious about your own vacation . . . Details???? (Inquiring minds want to know!)

  8. vacation planning is easily 90% of the fun - and for those of us enjoying vicariously...maybe 100%! I know the walking has been challenging (and I had no idea you had more SNOW) but I do think it's great that you live close enough to all those things to even have it as an option. hope this week is going well - and showing SURE signs of spring! xo.

  9. Sounds like s pretty good week to me! Any week with the word vacation in it especially!

  10. We started digging in the dirt here too. Cut the grass for the first time.
    Planted 3 new knock out roses. Cleaned bird feeders. Welcome spring!


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