Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Seeing Poetry II

After my rediscovery last weekend of the poetry right in front of me, I went in search of more poetry. Youngest son Justin wrote a lot during his high school years. Most of his writing was penned only for himself, privately filling many journals still housed in his desk, but I did find one of his public poems in my copy of his high school literary magazine.

He hadn't shared it with me before it was published, but when √Član came out, he left a copy on the kitchen table, knowing that I would read it. As soon as I did, I knew exactly who and what it was written about. I had inwardly fumed at the initial incident; how dare someone hurt my son in the dismissive and yes, callous, way she had done it. Justin showed me a much more effective and beautifully-worded way of dealing with feelings - by writing a poem. I was reminded of this lesson again just a few weeks ago when this same woman behaved in an even more callous and downright cruel manner. Sadly, I don't think Justin is still writing poems, but perhaps I should start writing and stop fuming.

As his mother, I'm completely partial, but I do love this poem. In honor of National Poetry Month, my youngest poet son who has the ability to use just the right words and things to teach me, I'm sharing: 

Callous Liasons


Struggling to hear
             Yearning for the words.
Why can't they say

We all covet it
At some point.
Sometimes at
             Arduous for some
             Effortless for others.

High school.
Should be simple,
             Not for me.
                          Not for them.

Not an ordinary
             Met once before
             Mesmerized then
                          Still now.
Must restrict myself
             But I asked.
I got an answer.

She said
             She must shout.
So my heart can hear
             The lethal response.


  1. I think the amazing thing about poetry is the way it conveys big feelings with a few words. Justin has some talent there.

  2. wow! ...and even more amazing that he was in high school when he wrote that. thank you for sharing more of your sons' talents!

  3. Some things are best dealt with through poetry, for sure. I think your son's poem is excellent!

  4. The emotion in the poem is strong and it brings back memories of my time in high school, too.

  5. Poetry is such a wonderful vehicle for expressing feelings and emotion. Just the right mix of words . . . can convey so very much. Wonderful!

  6. Really, that is just so spot on. High school can really a pretty unremarkable time in life- if we only knew it then!


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