Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Letters

I've written a few Friday Letters to recap my week, say what's on my mind, and take the opportunity to offer a thank you or two. Let's open the mail...

Dear Guardian Angel,

Thank you for watching over Justin at the end of March. Even though he drives drove a big diesel truck, his truck was no match for the last surprise eight inches of *%&$#*! snow and ice that sent him careening into a marble post, mailbox, and tree. I'm so incredibly thankful that he was okay, even though his truck was totaled. Every time I complain about endless calls with the insurance company, all the other associated details that have to be dealt with, being without my car for the past several weeks because Justin needs it to get to school, and now the process of looking for another vehicle, I stop as soon as I catch myself, and say another prayer of gratitude that he was okay. Please continue to watch over him; he is a 21-year old boy man male and could possibly even use an extra guardian angel if there is one to spare.


Dear Verizon,

Just a customer service tip, "Oh, crap" is not what your customers want to hear from you after being assured by three different associates that you can easily transfer contacts and photos. After two and a half hours and a suggestion from a helpful customer that happened to walk in, then you were able to easily transfer things. Good job!


Dear Life,

The past four months have been a little trying in many different ways. If there is any possibility, could I please ask for a slight reprieve for the next month or so? It doesn't have to be anything big, maybe just an hour or two to sit peacefully, concentrate on reading a real book, knit without making so many mistakes because I'm worrying about other things, and not feel cold dread in the pit of my stomach every time the phone rings because I'm expecting bad news. Thanks for considering my request!


Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, safe, and smart weekend!


  1. I'd love it if you didn't get any more bad news!

  2. hope your letter gets answered (the last one). I am thankful that no one was hurt from that accident, yikes!!! Sending you calm peaceful waves for a more less stressful life.

  3. No more bad news and a good solid couple of hours in the sunshine!

  4. Dear Bonnie,
    I certainly hope life eases up on you! I think of the funny scene in Bridesmaids where Megan slaps Annie and says, THIS IS LIFE ANNIE
    I love that scene.

  5. I hope you have your wish this weekend and find some time just for yourself, without worry or dread.

  6. Oh Bonny, I hope this week's letters get answered - you do need some rest from all the worry and troubles. May your weekend wish for us be granted to you, as well!


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