Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ten on Tuesday - Less Bleak is Better

Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Things You Do to Make Winter Less Bleak. The gray, icy, cold weather we're having makes this an excellent topic to contemplate.

1. Light - This is often in the form of candles, but sometimes it's just opening the curtains to enjoy any vestige of sun that may be around.

2. Amaryllis - I started three this year, and while Rosa only has one bloom left, Ruby has two vibrant blossoms that opened today with two more buds to come. My third amaryllis should be making winter less dreary in another week or two.

3. Hyacinths - Last week was very desolate with really cold temperatures, so I started some hyacinths, and there will be more to come. Hopefully their blooms and lovely scent will be reminders of spring since we still have plenty of winter to get through.

4. Soup - I love soup, both the making and the eating. A nice warm bowl of hearty soup makes the kitchen warmer and people happier.

5. A Good Book - I started reading Burial Rites over the weekend, and while it's not warm, cheery, and light, it is set in Iceland in 1829. The wonderfully descriptive language that conveys the grim austerity of Iceland has made things here seem far less dire!

6. Embrace winter! - We lived in Syracuse for many years, where the average annual snowfall is over 100 inches. To avoid going stir-crazy, my husband and I took up cross-country skiing. It was a lot of fun to get out, get some exercise, and appreciate the beauty of winter.

7. Be grateful - It's possible that I may have complained about shoveling, snow, and ice on several occasions, but my sister-in-law has a better approach. She's advised me to be grateful that I am physically able to get out and clear the driveway, be glad that I can move my body, and think of all the constructive exercise I'm getting.

8. Warm socks - If my feet are warm, the rest of me is more comfortable, so get out those warm socks! Most of us are knitters, so we probably have access to these lovely items. My favorite handknit socks are toasty alpaca and I also love Darn Tough socks.

9. Tea - I start my day with piping hot PG Tips, and after that I enjoy non-caffeinated tea all day. Peppermint, Earl Grey, chamomile, darjeeling, chai - I love them all (except rooibos). This teapot should arrive here this afternoon, so I can enjoy my tea even more without making multiple pots all day!

10. Knit something warm with beautiful yarn you love - Enjoy the lovely yarn you're knitting with (cashmere and alpaca are always nice!) and hopefully the process and the product will make this winter less bitter and bleak.

What do you do to make winter brighter and better?


  1. Perfectly list. Our lists would not be too different. If only we could sit and have a cup of tea and knit together winter would be so much easier. No rooibos.

  2. I love your list. Those hyacinth vases are beautiful and bring back memories of my grandmother. She always had a cutting of some sort tucked away here and there. And joining the tea and knit party would be great!

  3. Great list and I agree with all of it. I'm jealous of your amaryllis since mine was a dud! I'd have a cup of tea and knit with you any time. Make mine Earl Grey, please.

  4. I love winter so I do not need much to make it brighter however I love to wear my knits, read a good book with a hot cup of tea :)

  5. Yes - light is important at this time of year. I always feel like it's dark! And of course the knitting - I love working on big projects that lay on your lap and keep you warm.

  6. Oh yes, soup. I love to have a pot of soup simmering in the crock pot. Love the pictures of your flowers. I didn't start an amaryllis this year! I will have to remember one for next Christmas. Visiting from Ten on Tuesday!

  7. My book group read Burial Rites this past fall. It is one of the few books that we have read that everybody liked. It is so descriptive and we had a great discussion about so many aspects of the story.

  8. Peppermint tea and knitting with yummy yarn!

  9. it's all about thinking positive...and seeking out the bright spots! that beautiful new teapot isn't gonna hurt either :-) and embracing the season is lovely idea. I'll be in Madison a month from today and believe me, I'm not going to let a little winter spoil that fun! (I do plan to knit a scarf, a hat and two pair of mittens before I go!)


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