Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Letters

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then I hope Paula feels flattered. I got there via Kym, and I like the Friday Letters idea so much I decided to share a few of my own. I often write imaginary letters or have imaginary conversations (where I say the things I'd like to actually say), so all I have to do is write them down!

Dear Bearfoot Yarn,

I love your deliciously warm softness. I think I could knit these fingerless mitts faster if I didn't keep stopping to caress you, but at the same time I'm not looking forward to finishing them, because that means I'll have to send you away to your rightful owner. Good thing I selfishly ordered two skeins so I can partake of your lusciousness again!

Dear KW,

Nobody, but nobody, gets to hurt my son. It doesn't matter how much money your father has or how privileged and superior you think you are, you absolutely do not physically harm another person, especially when they are trying to help and comfort a mutual friend. You are 21 and should have learned this long ago. I hope and pray you learn from this incident, for your sake and for the sake of those around you, but I have my doubts.

Dear Sunshine,

Thanks for a sunny day! It may be the calm before the extended storm, but blue skies are always a good thing to wake up to. It looks like a Disney movie outside my window with all the birds flittering and fluttering around, so I think the chickadees and sparrows are also enjoying your warmth. Keep it up!

Dear People Who Leave Their Carts in the Middle of the Grocery Store Aisle Then Scowl at Me When I Say "Excuse Me",

Please, please pull your carts over to the side of the aisle so those of us who are not out for a leisurely stroll through the store can get by. I know the aisles are clogged with displays of stuff that none of us need, like giant cardboard goalposts full of Super Bowl snacks and ubiquitous Valentine's candy, but I think there is still room for you to pull your cart to the side and not ignore the six-cart backup you have caused. I'll be sending you a letter about the scowling next week; one thing at a time!


  1. This is a great writing prompt and I love your letters! KW better watch up because Mama Bear has her back up!

  2. What a fun way to say what's on your mind without confrontation. This is a great prompt to follow.

  3. Love your letters! Thanks for joining me this week

  4. Oh those grocery store people! I could write them a letter too! And what Carole out KW! Have a great weekend. :-)

  5. Excellent! I'm loving this Friday letters thing! (And I think it might even be a little therapeutic!)

  6. Oh my gosh - the people that do that in grocery stores drive me up a wall!!!!!

    Linda in VA

  7. Oh Boy am I with you on the cart deal. Like I want to spend my whole shopping spree moving their carts to have them get angry at me. I am with ya!
    Here for the Friday Letters :)

  8. Your letters are great! Especially the shopping cart one, doesn't that drive you crazy?? Grrrrr!

  9. what a fun idea... I hope the universe plays its part and passes along these messages - looks like a few of the recipients really need to read and take them to heart!

  10. love the lettering writing idea, I still do not understand the middle cart people either....wonder if they drive down the middle of the road as well?


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