Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Letters

I've written a few Friday Letters to recap my week, say what's on my mind, and maybe even take the opportunity to let a few things go. Join Paula here to share your own letters and read those from other "pen pals". Let's open the mail...

Dear Jack Daniel,

I'm sorry we've been apart for so many years, but I am glad we had the chance to get reacquainted. I spent some time with you back in the 70s when I thought a whiskey sour fountain at a wedding was the height of glamor and sophistication, but we parted ways and I became friendly with Arthur Guiness, Jose Cuervo (that relationship didn't last long!), and Gaspare Campari. I invited you over this week as part of my storm preparations, and even though I wish you could have pitched in to help me shovel, I did enjoy your company afterwards. I'm looking forward to spending some enjoyable evenings with you in the future.

Dear Borough Plow Guys,

Please accept my sincere thanks for not plowing my driveway shut more than once. I'm so thankful that you slowed down and took pity on this poor old woman leaning on her shovel, looking tired and sore after digging out the three-foot wall of snow. I greatly appreciate your efforts and kind consideration!

Dear Alpacas,

Thank you so very much for your warm fiber. My feet and hands were freezing this morning, but socks and fingerless gloves made with lovely yarn from you took care of those problems in short order. You've given me the strength and fortitude to face going to the grocery store when it's -4 degrees.

Dear People Who Leave Their Carts in the Middle of the Grocery Store Aisle Then Scowl at Me When I Say "Excuse Me",

I wrote last week about the cart issue, and while I haven't seen much improvement, perhaps it's time to move on to the scowling problem. If I and other shoppers say, "Excuse me", I believe that a smile, nod, or simple "I'm sorry" might be more productive than scowling at us. We all have a much better shopping experience if we're pleasant, especially because your smile may prevent me from running you over with my shopping cart. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


  1. Our plow guy is somewhat kind and tries to not put too much snow in the drive. In MI the plowman was awful....Love your letters :)

  2. Oh Bonny wouldn't it be fun to just lose it one day in the grocery store! I'll bet people would cheer because they are all thinking the same thing. And I don't know Jack but I think perhaps I should meet him! Have a nice weekend!

  3. Love it! I like your friend Jack as well. He hasn't visited me lately. I will have to see if I can invite him over too! Thanks for doing Friday Letters this week

  4. I am so glad that the plow guy did not sock you in with more snow! ( Perhaps they can go to the grocery store, and gently nuzzle those shopping carts out of the way?) I got some scowls yesterday when I politely said excuse me to the people with their carts in the aisle. Heaven forbid you touch their cart to angle it just enough to get by! Jack has been to our house a number of times, and helped us sleep through colds in the form of a hot toddy! Love your letters!

  5. I think I'd better write a letter to Jack Daniel's too...

  6. Great letters this week. Jack Daniels doesn't come here very often but his friend Mr. Woodford Reserve is a frequent guest. Try it!

  7. Jack doesn't come here, but Johnny Walker does! Fun letters...and much to be thankful for after all the storms!

  8. The cart people drive make me so mad I can't even come up with an excuse me. I just turn around and head to the next aisle and come back when they're gone. Midnight shopping may not be a bad idea.
    Snow, oh snow, we are so sorry you have not graced us with your white powder for quite some time.
    I invite the Irish (whiskey) in whenever possible, but my fave of the moment might be Mr Bulliet.

  9. Oh, Bonny! I love your letters so much! :-) Those cart people? Oh. I hates 'em. . .


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